Providing a truly inspirational education for life.

We nurture talents from a young age and prepare our pupils for the careers of tomorrow.

Every child at our school – from Nursery all the way through to Sixth Form – receives a high-quality learning experience within a broad and balanced curriculum. Pupils studying with us are engaged in learning by being exposed to a wide variety of methods of teaching styles and the effective and imaginative utilisation of resources.

The world is changing more rapidly than ever before and in almost every respect. We recognise that we are preparing young men and women for jobs that don’t yet exist.

We summarise our approach as ‘An Education for Life’. We aim to equip every pupil with the tools that will help them prepare for a happy and successful future.

Our objective is to bring out ‘the Best in Everyone’, enabling each pupil to progress and achieve.

We promote:

Academic Excellence

Strong Pastoral Care

Healthy Competition

Encouragement of the Arts

A Sense of Community

We set great store by the quality of our teaching, which means we seek the highest possible calibre of teaching staff, and then support them in every way we can – to the benefit of all pupils, whatever their academic aptitude.

Today’s young people inhabit a world that presents more options and fewer moral guidelines than were available to previous generations, so we do everything we can to provide help and guidance wherever it is needed.

We invest in a wide variety of games and sports and encourage all our pupils to participate in them – as an end in itself, and as a preparation for the wider competitive world.

We provide all our pupils with access to a wide variety of the performing arts and every possible encouragement to express themselves – preferably in front of an audience.

In keeping with our general emphasis on spiritual values, we strive to ensure that the whole school fully engages staff, pupils, parents and local supporters as a happy extended community.