Prep School Art

The Art Department at Lincoln Minster Preparatory School, strives to provide pupils with opportunities to be creative and develop practical skills. Through undertaking projects in a range of mediums, experiences and starting points, it is hoped that pupils will be empowered to take more responsibility of, and be enthused in, their own learning. With the guidance from skilled practitioners, it is hoped that Art will be a source of pleasure for all pupils who will, consequently, become increasingly confident in their own abilities.

During their time within the department, we hope to:

  • Develop visual awareness in all pupils
  • Provide pupils with the opportunities to use Art to record feelings and express their creative imagination within sketchbooks
  • Expand pupil visual vocabulary and understanding of the visual elements, in order that they can effectively express themselves through artistic means
  • Become familiar with a range of practitioners and styles, and develop their knowledge of art history
  • Give our pupils the opportunity to use a range of artistic medium to acquire skills and develop artistic techniques
  • Reflect on their work, and others, as a means of identifying changes in their current work or developments in future work

And, most importantly,

  • Develop their self-esteem through confidence, value and pleasure in Art.

Prep School Curriculum

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