Prep School Design Technology

Design Technology in the Preparatory School shares the timetabled time with Art. Art is studied during the first half term and Design Technology during the second. There are two periods of Art or Design Technology each week.

Design Technology is important in that it links so many other subjects: Maths, English, Geography, Art, English, History, Science, and Music.

The children are encouraged to study a wide range of topics and to design and make their own products. They are taught how to use a variety of tools and materials in a careful and safe manner. They are encouraged to exchange ideas and to support each other as well as discussing how designs and finished products might be improved.

Artefacts are used to stimulate the childrens’ own ideas.

They are taught to respect the work of others that is going on around them and to recognise good use of materials and equipment.

Year 4

Moving Animals (use of cams)
Bookmarks (sewing)
Musical instruments

Year 5

Vehicles (involves an electric circuit)
Fairground Rides (involves an electric circuit)
Hand held game

Tear 6

Acrobats (Victorian toys and levers)
Jewellery (made from aluminium)

Mr Richard Grace, Head of Design Technology

Prep School Curriculum

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