Prep School Music

Lincoln Minster School has an outstanding reputation for music – not just in the Senior School but right from the start in Pre-Preparatory, where the foundations are enthusiastically laid for a lifelong love of music. Of course they don’t all end up going to the Royal College of Music but it sows the seed and sparks their interest.

All our children have the chance to learn an instrument at school from Year 1 and the Preparatory School also provides choristers for the Lincoln Cathedral Choir. With the cathedral choristers all participating in the school choirs, orchestras, jazz bands and other ensembles, alongside many other keen musicians, there can be no other Prep school like this for music!

The enrichment opportunities found within extra-curricular activities at the Prep-Prep includes Choir and Orchestra. At the Prep School there is a Choir, Concert Band, Samba Band and String Orchestra. Termly concerts showcase the repertoire of these ensembles. The Prep Choir won the best overall Choir in the Lincolnshire Music Festival 2014 and have performed at the Lincolnshire Show.

There are regular opportunities for soloists to perform in weekly Talents Assemblies in the beautiful setting of the Chapter House of Lincoln Minster. In Year 5 and 6 Music is taught at the Harper Music building at the senior site. The outstanding facilities in this specialist Music School gives the children the opportunity to learn how to play the Gamelan Orchestra, recorders, violin ensemble, xylozone, music technology and singing.

Instrumentalists that have achieved their Grade 1 join the Prep Orchestra whose repertoire includes Star Wars, The James Bond Theme, Eye Level and The Muppet Theme to name a few. The Prep Orchestra enjoyed learning The Great Escape to perform in the Cathedral in commemoration of the Centenary of World War I in 2014.

Miss Claire Bushell, Head of Preparatory Music

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