Essential information about Lincoln Minster School; from what to wear and how to get here, to what’s for lunch and how we’ll look after your child.

Prep food


When you ask a child about what kind of day they have had at school, the chances are that food will be mentioned very soon in the reply.


We are proud of our iconic uniform and our smartly dressed students are the best ambassadors for our school.

Sports day

Health and Wellbeing

We take our responsibility for the pupils in our care very seriously. Use the above link to download medical forms and find out more.


Location and Travel

All three sites that form Lincoln Minster School are located in the historic part of Lincoln. Use the above link to see bus routes and address details.

Payments (WisePay)

We use WisePay to process payments for trips and visits, travel, clubs and activities and more.

Show My Homework

Students use Show my Homework to manage their work beyond the classroom.

school news and governance


Stay in the loop by following our latest news from across the school.



Keep up-to-date with school events with our handy online calendar.

More Information

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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