Blog: LMS careers advice recognised at London conference

Mrs Longstaffe reports on her invitation to speak on an expert panel at a Careers conference in London:

On Wednesday 3rd May I attended “The Third Way Conference and Degree Apprenticeship Fair” in Kensington, London hosted by Wellington College and The Good Schools Guide.

The aim of the day was to explore the partnership between service providers and employers and the increasing number of School Leaver Options open to young people.

I was asked to be part of the panel on the conference, to demonstrate how Lincoln Minster School make students aware of alternatives to applying through UCAS and the typical University path.

Our Careers Department was identified as having a strong approach to alternative pathways and a good track record of supporting students with their future careers.

Speakers included, Sir Mike Rake, the Chairman of BT; Lord Baker, Education Secretary 1986-89; Professor Tim Quine, Deputy Vice Chancellor or Exeter University and Sir Peter Lampl, Chairman of the Sutton Trust. Also represented were apprentices taking part in degree apprenticeships across the country.

It was a great day, not least in terms of allowing us to demonstrate good practice, it was also good to hear about how School Leaver Schemes are promoted in other schools across the country. I heard again how employers value their staff taking part in degree apprenticeships and all of the companies demonstrated how individuals taking part in these schemes are developing successful careers. I can see a future where far more young people are taking this route into the labour market.