Inspiring the next generation

Two Lincoln Minster School students were selected to attend the Siemens’ ‘Females into Industry Challenge’ at Lincoln College at the beginning of July.The Females into Industry initiative is a chance for pupils to gain a unique insight into today’s engineering and to learn that there is more to modern engineering than many people think.

The event gave the pupils the chance to design a product to take home using the latest computer technology and machinery.

Year 8 students, Charlotte Thomas and Chloe Wright were put forward for the opportunity by their teacher Janice Turvey: “Places were limited for this opportunity with Siemens so we were delighted that Charlotte and Chloe were chosen.”

“It was a fantastic opportunity for me to be involved in the design of a product with the support and expertise of professionals,” said Chloe. “The challenge of building something from scratch, with new technology, was very exciting and I learned a lot from the experience.”

Mark Wallace, Headmaster of Lincoln Minster School said: “The Females into Industry Challenge was a wonderful opportunity for Charlotte and Chloe to be part of and one that will encourage our students to explore a variety of career paths. By supporting Siemens we can spark an interest in science for girls at an early age.”