house system

William Mackinder and Scarlet Turner catch up with Mrs Muir about the brand new House system:

Why is the school House System changing?

We asked Mrs Muir to tell us more about why the House System would be changing. She told us that the idea was that older pupils would be helping younger ones, “you will get to know other pupils much better with the new competitions that are coming up.” She was hoping that the new system would be, “just a bit more fun”.

How will the House System be changing?

The two main ways in which it will be changing will be HOUSE NAMES WILL BE CHANGED! And there will be “way more house challenges and competitions”. Mrs Muir felt that, in the past, competitions were mainly based on sport and music and the intention is for there to be a much broader range.

In addition, the idea is for the Houses to be the same as those in the pre-prep and prep schools to build “allegiance” to your house throughout your time at LMS and make pupils feel more at home when they come to the Senior School. Sports’ Day could run across all three schools in the future. Watch this space for more info.

What competitions are coming up?

There are posters around school giving clues about what is coming soon. One of these will be a LIPSYNC HOUSE BATTLE – sounds good to us – and also a competition involving eating sweets and doughnuts SUGAR RUSH – can’t wait for this one!

How will the new House System benefit the School?

Mrs Muir hopes that it will help “bring the school together”. Judging from the House launch day last Friday (7th October) we think Mrs Muir is right – it certainly brought pupils together from across all year groups in doing some crazy activities. For example, pupils enjoyed racing to get their shoes on and off, despite the fact it was a wet day and they all got soggy bottoms to their socks!

The House Launch Day

We interviewed some pupils who had participated in the House Launch Day and asked them for their views. “I liked the netball because some of the supporters really got into it”, one pupil informed us. Another pupil told us she was “really looking forward to some of the House challenges.” We certainly think that Mrs Muir enjoyed commanding the celebration.