A message from Mrs Thomas – June 2016

Taster Day

The world around our children is changing more rapidly than it ever has before.

Our Early Years children are competent with technology that did not even exist just 5 years ago, conceived and developed almost alongside the children themselves.

By the time our Year 6 leavers graduate from university in just 10 years time the cycle of change will have moved on at a pace. By the time our Reception children reach 21 who knows what experiences the world will be offering.

Good or bad our children need to be equipped for these experiences and having a positive view of themselves will be paramount to them succeeding in this rapidly changing world.

With this challenging thought in mind we have spent the past year developing our values and curriculum which takes the best of new innovations to enrich each child’s learning journey, adding layers to the traditions and skills that lead to excellent teaching. We are doing our very best to ensure that all of our children hold a positive view of themselves and are ready to approach the future with self-confidence.

Through our values based assemblies we have been developing guiding principles not only to ensure academic success but also to prepare them to be responsible citizens in the world in which they are growing up. To see our Year 6 pupils as they approach the next stage of their learning journey confirms that we are achieving this.

Rewards have abounded for every child; but we have also recognised that we learn and improve from failure, acknowledging the challenges and have worked together to overcome them, so that each child has developed skills of perseverance and resilience. However our world develops, these are skills will remain essential for life.

Our Creative Curriculum has taught skills, knowledge and understanding through investigation of exciting topics. The children have learned to question, research, debate and express themselves in written and oral form inspired by topics that have captured their imaginations and encouraged them to want to learn.

Just last week at the Pre-Prep Information Meeting we saw and listened to some video footage of our younger pupils discussing school. It was fascinating to see the enthusiasm and joy with which they discussed school, and activities.

I have no doubt that we have succeeded in offering our children the skills and opportunities to have a positive view of themselves and therefore encouraged them to aim for success and be determined to try their best to achieve their personal best.

Education is not just about academic success however. It does not matter how academically successful a child is it is essential that they have belief in themselves, independence and confidence to share and integrate with others.