As we begin Advent this Sunday and the preparation for the birth of Jesus it made me think what this means for us at Lincoln Minster Prep and Pre-Prep. Indeed not just at Advent, but everyday our pupils remind us through their learning, their play, their friendships, their sport, their music and their charitable deeds the true meaning of the candles of peace, joy, hope and love.

We have seen many times in Friday Assembly and again this week at the Advent and Hanukkah event that their hopes and aspirations for the future are not only for themselves but also for far wider opportunities; “I hope for World Peace” (Tom Shaw-Adams Yr 5D). They continue to show their love in many ways, but particularly through charitable deeds and of course, the joy of learning is evidenced in the classroom, outdoors, in books, in conversations, music and on the sports field.

We will continue with this strong message not only throughout Advent, but throughout the year. And yes, there will be times when some us may fall by the wayside but the rest of us will be there to help.