Outdoor Learning forging ahead at Pre Prep

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning has forged ahead this year at Pre Prep under the direction of Miss Skelton. You may have already read much about the benefits it can bring, but in an urban school like ours how can it work when green space is limited? 

Unlike forest school, which requires a woodland environment, outdoor learning can take place anywhere outdoors and at Pre-Prep, the space has been maximised with a designated area, as well as the outdoor classroom. Miss Skelton has created a fire pit, seating, wigwams, and has plans to use all sorts of recyclable materials from which children can build and create. The pupils are even developing tool skills!

Likewise in Nursery, under Mrs Medley’s direction, the children have made a bug hotel, as well as being involved in mud rolling, wild flower seed bombing and looking for signs of spring.

Outdoor learning can aid the development of so many skills, including higher order thinking skills and experiential learning, which in turn feeds into learning in the classroom. It was lovely to see our Reception pupils engaged in a blindfold game, which involved tactical manoeuvres, and listening.

Every week now at Pre-Prep, each class is committed to outdoor learning throughout the year, through all four seasons. Through these sessions, the pupils are experimenting, creating and exploring. Miss Skelton has also reached out to parents and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many Pre-Prep parents who have helped.