Outstanding SATs results announced

By 6th July 2017Uncategorised
Lincoln Minter Prep

We are once again delighted with the standards attained by our Year 6 students in their SATs tests. They have been a fantastic Year Group and their results attest to their dedication and hard work. 

Our results, once again exceed those of schools nationally underlining our status as one of Lincolnshire’s foremost centres for academic excellence.

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We are particularly proud of how many of our students achieve highly. This is particularly evident in English this year, where 55% of pupils achieved a high score in Reading and 35% in SPaG.

In Reading, two children achieved a standardised score of 119, placing them in the highest bracket of students in the country. Similarly two children also scored 119 in SPaG with one child achieving the maximum score of 120; a score which will likely place them in the top 0.5% of learners nationwide!

In the Key Stage 1 assessments, in all assessed areas (reading, writing and maths), 88% of the children achieved the age expected standard; a great indication of wonderful progress they have made.

It has been another very successful year for LMS and we are very proud of all of our children’s achievements.

Mr Burton

Deputy Head, Preparatory School