Pupils report on trip to Prague


Our A Level pupils recently return from their trip to Prague where they visited the Astronomical Clock, the Charles Bridge, Petrin Tower, mirror mazes and experienced a Segway tour.

Ryan Grant, Annie Krantz and Olivia Neesham tell us about their experiences:

Ryan Grant

Segway Tour

I enjoyed the Segway tour because it was fun whilst learning about the city. We went through many little squares, learned about the city during its Communist times, and looked at the John Lennon wall. We learned about the several floods that have come out of the Vltava River and how the locals dealt with them. Towards the end of the tour we stopped at a little café with amazing views, we then went round a huge park looking over the city before coming to the end of the tour

Underground and Ghost Tour

In this tour we went under the astronomical clock tower and above ground through downtown Prague. This was a very interesting and gripping tour, as we had a gun which read the drops in temperature where ghosts may be. The tour guide also had an electromagnetic meter which flickered when spirits were supposedly in the room or nearby. The stories were also very interesting and I found out a lot about Prague during the time of executions.

Local Food

Although I didn’t get to try much of the Czech local food what I did try was very nice. My favourite was a dessert called Trdelnik which is a pastry rolled up in to a long cylinder then wrapped around a stick then placed around a fire. After cooking they roll it in sugar and cinnamon then ask what filling you want. Trdelniks tend to be made in street.


Annie Krantz

On the second day of our trip to Prague we were signed up to do a Segway tour which was one of the most enjoyable activities in my opinion. We were given our helmets and Segways and were able to test them out and get the hang of them before we went off. Every so often the tour guide would stop and tell us some facts or stories of the city. Half way through we stopped for a hot chocolate and a snack. The tour guide felt he could then trust us enough to take the speed limiters off our Segway’s which meant we could go as fast as we wanted. We all found this lots of fun and speeded up all the way back to the Segway shop.

The same evening we went on a ghost tour which I definitely underestimated. The lady that showed us round the underground prison cells was a paranormal investigator. We were given lanterns and taken down into the dark dungeons. Victoria, the tour guide, had two tools. One was an electromagnetic laser and one a temperature gauge. At one point Victoria made us turn our lanterns off and said there was a ghost in the room and explained lots of stories about the type of people who died down there and showed us with her tool that the temperature had significantly dropped. At the end of the tour an unusual crashing noise came from one of the other rooms even though we were the only ones down there. At this point we were all very keen to get out of those haunted rooms and see real people!


Olivia Neesham

Charles Bridge

I enjoyed walking over Charles Bridge as no cars were allowed there, as pedestrians were only allowed to walk on the bridge. The bridge had beautiful sights and a huge water surrounding it. There were a lot of activities taking place on the bridge, such as musicians playing their instruments. There were artists also drawing pictures of tourists who were walking past. There was also a lot of little stalls dotted all the way down the bridge selling jewellery or souvenirs. It was such a wide range of activities and sights all the way over the bridge, hence why I enjoyed it so much.

Mirror Maze

The mirror maze we visited in the old town of Prague was enjoyable. It was really funny to do with a group of people. You had to wear plastic gloves when you went in but now I understand why, because you couldn’t tell where you were going so you needed to keep your hands in front of you so you didn’t accidently walk in to any mirrors! It was a really confusing experience but it was really fun.

Segway Tour

Going on the Segway tour was really fun. We got to see the whole of Prague whilst driving around on the Segway. The tour guide was very friendly and told us some interesting stories and facts about the different places in Prague. Which was interesting. It was a great experience to be able to go on a Segway and travel to all the iconic places that were dotted around Prague, such as the John Lennon wall, Charles Bridge and the astronomical clock tower.