Prep School Curriculum

Our Preparatory School curriculum is strong, clear and progressive, recognising the uniqueness of each child and designed to inspire a love of learning. Our specialist, highly trained teachers use the curriculum framework to excite, challenge and engage, seeking out individual talents.

We also recognise that different children learn in different ways and so we use a range of teaching methods to bring out the best in everyone.

We have high expectations of our Preparatory School children; we want them to move on to our Senior School at age 11 with a wealth of knowledge, learning skills and qualities to tackle not just the next stage in education, but also life itself.

Our broad, balanced and purposeful curriculum encourages:

  • Development of life skills: curiosity, self-motivation, self-respect, discernment, resilience, tolerance and empathy
  • Imagination, design and expression; developing flexible, adaptable and creative individuals
  • Individual thinking skills; fostering confidence, the ability to assimilate, reason and solve problems

The curriculum incorporates the following:

  • English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Design Technology, Art, Music, French, Spanish, ICT, Games, PE, RE, Drama and PSHE.
  • Timetabled orchestra lessons for the whole of the Preparatory School
  • ICT across the curriculum


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Prep School Curriculum

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