Prep School English

English is at the heart of all we do.

We teach a skill based curriculum which is creative and engaging, using a multi-media approach to learning, and which underpins learning in all the key curriculum areas.

We celebrate the importance of English as the key to unlocking learning, and as such we highly value its teaching at Lincoln Minster School.

Each week at the preparatory school children are engaged in:

  • 8 lessons of English (double and single sessions);
  • A weekly spelling lesson;
  • Independent reading and teacher focused guided reading sessions;
  • Focused grammar and punctuation sessions;
  • Handwriting;
  • Speaking and Listening opportunities.

These cover the range of writing styles and text genres including the full range of narrative texts, poetry and a cross-section of non-fiction genres.

In class, the learning includes work to improve in all of the key areas of literacy:

  • Speaking
  • Listening and responding
  • Group discussion and interaction
  • Drama
  • Word recognition, decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling)
  • Word structure and spelling
  • Understanding and interpreting texts
  • Engaging and responding to texts
  • Creating and shaping texts
  • Text structure and organisation
  • Sentence structure and punctuation
  • Presentation

Our lessons are highly engaging and designed to foster a love of text that really inspires our learners.

In addition, we offer a host of great fun literacy based activities, clubs and events throughout the year aimed at enhancing our classroom teaching and learning, and bringing about a passion for literature and language in our students that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Mr Mark Burton, Head of Preparatory School English

Download our English curriculum information here: English Curriculum Map

Prep School Curriculum

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