Prep School History

History at the Prep is an integral part of our creative curriculum approach to learning. We have recently adapted our topics to embrace the new National Curriculum requirements but we also go above and beyond it. We want our pupils to have as broad a range of not only our country’s history but also that of the wider world. For example, a themed week of events to commemorate the beginning of World War I. In a true cross-curricular approach in every subject the children explored the war in its many facets. We learnt facts, causes and consequences but also the personal stories of so many lives, including our own family histories, teaching all of us invaluable lessons of the effect of war.

In Key Stage 2, History is taught as an individual lesson, but still very much linked to our cross-curricular topics. History takes the lead in Year 4 when the children study the Romans in ‘Dig Deep’. This includes visits to The Collection Museum and a local area walk following the Roman Detective Trail in Lincoln. In Year 5 pupils keep ‘An Eye on London’ learning about the Tudors and Stuarts. Inclusive in this topic is a 4 day residential trip to London with visits to The Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament to name a few. Finally in Year 6 the children don their evacuee labels and embrace World War II in our theme of ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

In addition children cover a breadth of study from The Egyptians, to Vikings, to Victorians.

We want our children to understand the historical facts but also to have the skills needed for research, learning how to read and interpret a variety of sources and to make judgements on the events of the past which will help them to inform their future.

Download the History curriculum map here: History Curriculum Map

Prep School Curriculum

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