Prep School Maths

An enthusiasm for Mathematics

We want all children to have a love of maths and to believe that they can do it at every level.

We teach a skill based curriculum which is enhanced by investigations so that the children can use their skills and apply them to real life situations.

Each week at the preparatory school children are engaged in:

  • 7 lessons of Maths (double and single sessions);
  • A focus on learning their times tables to 12 x 12.
  • Independent, group and paired activities.
  • Weekly homework’s to enhance what is being taught in the classroom.
  • Mental Maths to start each lesson.
  • Games and other interactive activities as a whole class.
  • Children can also further enhance their skills with the new Abacus games at home.
  • High expectations for all children.

The children cover many topics ranging from number, measures, shape and space, real Life problem solving and of course data handling that links nicely to their Science lessons.

Our lessons are highly engaging and designed to foster a love of maths and to really inspire our learners. We also have an annual House Maths Challenge where all of the children work together to solve various challenges covering all topics of the curriculum.

The Year 6 children also take part in the Mathematical Association Primary Maths Challenge every year which they all agree is a lot of fun.

Miss Rebecca Dickson
Head of Maths

Download our Maths curriculum information here: Maths Curriculum Map

Prep School Curriculum

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