Preparatory School Design Technology

“Design Technology should be the subject where mathematical brain-boxes and science whizz kids turn their bright ideas into useful products.”

– James Dyson

Links to many other subjects such as Music, English, Maths, Science and Art.

Pupils study a wide range of topics and enjoy designing and making their own products.

Encouragement to discuss ideas and support each other whilst suggesting improvements.

There are two periods of Art or Design Technology each week.

Design Technology is a subject that transforms; pupils learn about designing solutions to improve people’s lives, they are able to make better decisions, they understand more about the impact of products on the world.

Design Technology

Pupils enjoy a variety of techniques under a number of topics:

Year 1

 Food Glorious Food:

  • Construct a class scarecrow
  • Make bread and sandwiches
  • Construct a favourite food plate

If You Go Down to the Woods:

  • Christmas Card
  • Sewing on felt

A Knight in Shining Armour:

  • Design and make a castle

Splish! Splash! Splosh!

  • Make a pirate with moving parts

Year 2

Early Man:

  • Build a shelter
  • Create some Stone Age tools

Toys Story:

  • Research wheels and axles
  • Create toys

Follow the Dragon:

  • Investigate, design and make: Chinese New Year project

To Infinity and Beyond:

  • Food technology

Year 3

Egyptian Art

  • Investigating levers
  • Make a shadoof

Greek Design and Architecture

  • Making temples

Viking Art and Design

  • Viking longhouses

Year 4

Cams & Moving Animals

Year 5

Developing skills:

Cutting timber


Putting together an electric circuit for movement

Year 6


A look at Victorian toys

Prep art

Beyond the Preparatory School

The Art Department at our Senior School encourages all ages to work together, giving both staff and pupils the freedom to be totally creative and uninhibited from Key Stage 3 through to A Levels. The Department enjoys ongoing success with 100% A*-C grades at A Level, specialist subject teachers on hand to offer advice and exhibitions in the local community. Pupils can choose from a range of specialisms including Fine Art, Graphics, Textiles and Photography.

Find out more about our rich and varied Senior School Art Curriculum.

Food Technology is also a popular subject at Senior School; find out more.

Outside the Classroom

We are proud of our co-curricular offering; pupils have the opportunity to attend a number of Art Clubs.

Find out more about Art at Lincoln Minster School.

Prep School Curriculum

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