Preparatory School Languages

❝One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.❞
-Frank Smith

Pupils learn Spanish from Reception and French from Year 3.

Pupils are given opportunities to listen to authentic native speakers.

Pupils develop both their conversational and writing skills

In Year 6 pupils enjoy a trip to France to put their skills to use.

Our philosophy is to provide the children with fun, lively lessons where they can learn in a positive and enthusiastic environment. We strongly believe that if the lessons are fun, the children will learn and make progress.

Preparatory School Languages

Pupils enjoy a variety of techniques under a number of topics:

Year 1 – Spanish

  • Greetings
  • Numbers up to 20
  • Fruit
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
  • Christmas song
  • Christmas celebrations
  • Cinderella
  • Beauty and the Beast – stories in Spanish
  • Phonics ca/ce/ci/co/cu and l
  • Spring song
  • Easter celebrations
  • Seaside
  • Food
  • Numbers

Year 2 – Spanish

  • Locate Spain and revise greetings, including feelings
  • Numbers 1-30
  • Parts of the body
  • Celebrations – including New Year and Easter
  • Spanish story about China
  • Zoo animals
  • Mexican toys and rhymes
  • A Spanish explorer

Year 3 – Spanish & French

  • Greetings
  • Numbers
  • Classroom language
  • Arabic lesson (Spanish)
  • Parts of the body (French)
  • Read a story about Ancient Greece (Spanish)
  • Investigate Spanish speaking countries around the world (Spanish)
  • Easter in other cultures (Spanish)
  • Clothing Role play Le Petit Chaperon rouge (French)
  • Numbers and Food (Spanish)
  • Healthy eating (Spanish)
  • Classroom Objects (French)

Year 4 – Spanish & French

  • Fruits and colours (Spanish)
  • Likes and dislikes (Spanish)
  • Animals and how to make nouns plural (Spanish)
  • Pets and colours (French)
  • Days of the week/months and Festivals (French)
  • Numbers, dates, family (Spanish)
  • Activities/hobbies, homes (Spanish)
  • Numbers, important dates in France (French)
  • Family and Activities (French)
  • Animals and habitats (Spanish)
  • Alphabet and Phonics (Spanish)
  • Home (French)

Year 5 – Spanish & French

  • Buildings in London, Madrid (Spanish)
  • Time (Spanish)
  • Places in town (Spanish & French)
  • Asking for and giving directions (Spanish & French)
  • Buildings in Paris (French)
  • Weather (Spanish & French)
  • Tower of London (Spanish)
  • The Water Cycle (French)
  • Hola, Peru (Spanish)
  • Reunion Island Project – French Speaking Islands around the World (French)

Year 6 – Spanish & French

  • Personal Information, asking and answering questions (Spanish & French)
  • Expressing likes and dislikes (Spanish)
  • Penfriends’ Letters (French)
  • Colours and Picasso (Spanish)
  • Opinions (Spanish)
  • Spanish Civil War (Spanish)
  • Giving opinions and justifications of opinions (French)
  • School Life (Spanish)
  • Higher numbers (Spanish)
  • Food (Spanish)
  • French Revolution (French)
  • Cinematic Studies of “Les Choristes” (French)
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Beyond the Preparatory School

Studying Modern Foreign Languages at our Senior School is a core part of the curriculum; pupils benefit from native speakers and foreign language assistants. Pupils enjoy trips to France, Spain and local restaurant and cafes with foreign language speaking staff and are offered our Language Leader programme, enabling senior pupils to assist with younger pupils.

Find out more about our rich and varied Senior School Languages Curriculum.

Prep School Curriculum

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