Preparatory School Music

“Music can change the world, because it can change people.”


All pupils have the chance to learn an instrument at school from Year 1.

A wide range of exciting enrichment and co-curricular opportunities to boost confidence and skills.

With choirs, orchestras, jazz bands and other ensembles; there are lots of exciting opportunities for all.

Strong links with Lincoln Cathedral with regular opportunities to perform.

Lincoln Minster School has an outstanding reputation for music – not just in the Senior School but right from the start in Pre-Preparatory, where the foundations are enthusiastically laid for a lifelong love of music.


Pupils enjoy a variety of techniques under a number of topics:

Year 1

Percussion Instruments of the Orchestra

  • Harvest Songs

Nativity Songs

  • Recorders

Percussion Lent and Easter Songs

  • Dimensions of Music – Duration
    Long & Short
  • Recorders

Repertoire for Trinity Concert

  • Instrument Work
  • Dimensions of Music – Duration
    Pulse & Rhythm

Year 2

Exploring Instruments and Symbols

  • Dimensions of Music – Timbre, Tempo & Dynamics
  • Harvest Songs

Nativity Songs

  • Exploring Instruments and Symbols
  • Dimensions of Music – Timbre, Tempo and Dynamics

Lent and Easter Songs

  • Percussion
  • Recorders
  • Dimensions of Music – Pitch
    High & Low

Repertoire for Trinity Concert

  • Percussion
  • Recorders
  • Exploring Instruments and Symbols
    Dimensions of Music – Timbre, Tempo and Dynamics

Year 3

Dragon Scales
Exploring Pentatonic Scales

  • Exploring Pentatonic Scales
  • Chinese Festivals
  • What you got?
  • Old Macdonald had a Glock
  • Chinese Dragon Song
  • Pentatonic Composition
  • Harvest Songs

Dimensions of Music – Pitch & Duration

  • Sibelius Groovy Jungle Explore Mode
  • Recorder
  • Nativity/Christmas Production
  • Perform Kites
    Perform Gliding
    Pitches G, A & B
    1. Tone Colour
    2. Loud and Quiet

Animal Magic & Exploring Descriptive Sounds

  • Part Singing
  • Sibelius Groovy Jungle
    Explore Mode
  • Tortoise Song
    Tortoise Tune
    How Doth the Little Crocodile
    5. Long and Short
    7. Tempo

Painting with Sound & Exploring Sound Colours

  • Sibelius Groovy Jungle
    Explore Mode
  • Picture This – The little train of the Caipira, Ansam, Mu min xin ge
    Sunset Over the Sea
    Haunted House – Horror Hotel
    Supermarket Scene Composition
  • 9. Upward and downward movement
    10. High, Low, Middle, Steps & Leaps

Year 4

Dimensions of Music – Duration
Rhythm Composition

  • Harvest Repertoire
    Nativity/Christmas Production
  • Don’t Clap This One Back
    I’m Gonna Walk, Walk, Walk
    Rhythm Dominoes Games
    Musical Maths
    Rhythm Composition

Sibelius Groovy Jungle

  • Explore Mode
  • 3. Music Words
    4. Dynamic Symbols
    6. Beat and Metre
    8. Notes and the Beat

Performance & Dimensions of Music – Pitch & Duration

  • Repertoire for Prep Concert
  • Curtain Raiser
    C Jam Blues

Peter and the Wolf & Instruments of the Orchestra

  • Sibelius Groovy Jungle
    Explore Mode
  • Families of the Orchestra
    Dimensions of Music – Timbre
    Identification of Instruments
  • 11. Major and Minor
    12. Making Melody

Year 5

Lookin’ Smart

  • Sibelius Groovy City
    Explore Mode
  • Call and Response
  • Improvisation
    Louis Armstrong West End Blues
  • 1. Instrument Words
    9. Major, Minor & Blues

Sibelius Groovy City

  • Explore Mode
  • 5. Notes & Notation
    6. Metre

Bass Riff Composition & Sibelius Groovy City Create Mode

  • Compose Bass Riff
  • Input and edit using Sibelius Groovy City Create
  • Perform Bass Riffs

Carnival of the Animals & Sibelius Groovy City

  • Explore Mode
  • Analysis of the use of Dimensions of Music to illustrate each animal
  • 8. Tempo
    2. Dynamics
    10. Upward & Downward

Year 6

Jazz Improvisation

  • Jazz Melody
  • Improvisation over a chord structure

Sibelius Groovy City & Explore Mode

  • 3. Dynamic, Words & Symbols
    4. More Instrument Words


  • Sibelius Groovy City
    Explore Mode
  • Analysis of Minimalist music
    Tubular Bells
    Minimalist Composition
  • 7. Rhythm

Jingle Composition

  • Sibelius Groovy City
    Explore Mode
  • Analysis of Jingles for adverts
    Jingle Composition
  • 11. High, Low, Middle, Steps & Leaps
    12. Making Melody
Prep art

Beyond the Preparatory School

The Music Department at our Senior School encourages all ages to work together, giving both staff and pupils the freedom to be creative and develop their music and composition skills from Key Stage 3 through to A Levels. The Department enjoys ongoing success with 100% A*-B grades, a Fast-Track course provided for GCSE, specialist subject teachers on hand to offer advice and performances in the local community.

Find out more about our rich and varied Senior School Music Curriculum.

Outside the Classroom

We are proud of our co-curricular offering; pupils have the opportunity to attend a number of Music Clubs.

Find out more about co-curricular Music at Lincoln Minster School.

Prep School Curriculum

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