Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

Head of Careers – Jenny Longstaffe (Careers Lead)

Career Mark 6 accreditation – the Gold Standard for careers provision in schools.

Varied and extensive external speaker programme for pupils in Years 9 to 13.

Dedicated careers lessons with an emphasis on pupils making their own well informed decisions.

Strong links with local employers who offer pupils work experience placements and apprenticeships.

Career education, information advice and guidance is more than just deciding what job you want – it is a lifelong process that is influenced by your interests, abilities and passion.

We recognise how important it is for students to understand and appreciate the options available to them and have the confidence and ability to pursue their own realistic pathways. By helping individuals to recognise their strengths and aptitudes, students are empowered to make their own well-informed decisions with support from the school and their parents/carers.

We are proud that each year a significantly large number of our students are accepted to their first choice of university and we are equally as proud of those who pursue a different route whether it be on school leaver programmes or apprenticeships.

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Our Careers Programme

Our careers education programme is delivered to all students from Years 7 to 13 and has been developed in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks. In 2015, the school received Career Mark 6 status confirming outstanding provision of careers education and advice within school. This was renewed in 2017.

During Key Stage 3,

the careers programme is delivered as part of the Personal, Social, Health and Education (PSHE) programme. Students spend time developing their self-awareness including their personal characteristics, abilities, interests, potential and limitations. All students are able to access one-to-one career interviews, through referral from the pastoral team, with the Head of Careers or an independent adviser to discuss possible options and speak to the Head of Careers at the Year 9 Options Evening and receive a copy of “A Careers Guide to GCSE Options” to support them with their choices. In Year 9, the programmes focuses on students choosing their GCSE options. Students are introduced to new subjects that they may not have studied in previous years, for example Business Studies or a different Modern Foreign Language and tutors spend time highlighting the transferrable skills that can be gained from subjects and where the subject can lead to.

During Key Stage 4,

students receive dedicated career lessons delivered by the Head of Careers as part of their PSHCE programme. Emphasis is placed on developing key skills such as communication, problem solving, team work, employability and research skills. In Year 10, all students partake in a week of work experience to a company/industry of their choice. Students also benefit from talks and workshops delivered by subject matter experts, industry experts, the Armed Forces, University

Admission advisors, Alumni, Apprenticeship Experts and School Leaver Programme advice, both within PSHCE and through their core and chosen subjects. The school also offers students an option to complete psychometric testing – a career guidance tool that helps students to identify potential career paths, assess their natural aptitudes and make informed decisions about their study options. Throughout Key Stage 4, all students receive 1:1 career interviews to discuss a variety of pathways with the Head of Careers or an Independent Careers Adviser.

In the Sixth Form,

students benefit from a programme of speakers including representatives from universities, career planning workshops, apprenticeships and school leaver programme briefs, Study Abroad organisations and Gap Year opportunities. Students who are keen to apply to early entrant courses are given additional support to understand what they need to do, in order to submit a competitive application. Students are encouraged to think carefully about how work experience, summer schools or academic events/lectures can enhance their application to University or School Leaver Programmes. In Year 12, students partake in a 2-day Higher Education and Futures programme and time is built into the programme for students to visit a university and hear first-hand how best to prepare for their up-coming applications. In Year 13, students benefit from a dedicated Interview Week where our students are put through the rigours of mock university or job interviews, supported by parents, governors and local employers. Throughout the Sixth Form, students work closely with their tutor and the personal study mentor to ensure that they are guided through the Sixth Form and supported with their next steps.

We measure the success of our careers programme through feedback from our students and destination data and speak with students about what they need to support them with their career planning. Parents or students who want to find out more can request to see the schools’ Career Policy Statement and the Careers Entitlement Statement for the school.

All students throughout the school are able to access one-to-one career advice where it is appropriate for their future, with all students in KS4 receiving a guidance interview and all Sixth Formers having ample opportunity to do so. The Head of Careers is qualified to Level 7 with a Post Graduate Certificate in Careers Guidance and each term, independent, impartial advisers supplement this in line with statutory requirements. The Head of Careers is available to speak or meet with parents/carers at Parents’ Evening, or by appointment regarding opportunities for students and how best to support their sons/daughters with their career planning.

We welcome a range of speakers to come and talk to our students about opportunities in FE, HE or Employment, therefore if you wish to make further enquiries about speaking with our students please contact Jenny Longstaffe (Careers Lead) at or call 01522 551300 to discuss timings and venues. We are committed to ensuring that our students are aware of the full range of options available to them.

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