What is Outdoor Learning?

By 30th September 2016Prep School News
outdoor learning

Our cognitive, social, emotional and physical health is affected by time spent outside, especially when in a natural space.

In a nutshell, outdoor learning is an umbrella term which covers every type of learning experience which happens outdoors. This could be adventurous activities, environmental education, team challenges or a playground game.

Outdoor learning has started with enthusiasm, awe and wonder at the pre prep with lots of eager children ready for their next session. A ‘Bare Foot Walk’ was a particular hit with the children in Year 1 & 2. A few uncertain faces at the start of the session soon turned into smiles beaming from ear to ear. Words to describe it went from ‘yukky’ to ‘epic’ & ‘awesome’ with one child finalising the event saying “ooooh I feel lovely now, that was really nice!”

Nursery have enjoyed den building and making nature bracelets. Reception will be starting their first session at the beginning of October – exciting!

Please make sure your child has waterproofs and wellies in school as we will go outside whatever the weather.