Year 8 Inter-form Competition

By 21st October 2016Senior School News

In order to promote the schools’ values, team work and pupil initiative, and as part of their Wednesday PSE lesson, Year 8 pupils are taking part in a year long inter-form competition which comprises 6 half-termly projects.

This half-term pupils have been looking at harvest and were asked to create a form scarecrow. They have all been working hard and their creations are being displayed in the students’ foyer this week.

The Headmaster judged it on Tuesday and the pupils in the winner form have got 10 house points each as well as some chocolate from Mrs Cobo-Ortiz. The overall winning form will get a big prize at the end of the academic year.

Here are some comments from some of the pupils that have taken part in this competition:

The best moment of this project was when we all put all of our hard work together and we saw Jack coming to life. It took a long time to put together but it was worth it’ says Ellen Walker 8JGB

We use a lot of creativity whilst making our scarecrow as we did not have a lot of resources to create it and had to think imaginatively -says Mia Hardy 8HMa

We made everything ourselves out of resources brought in from our form so we all had to pull in together. The bus driver was not happy with all the barley on his bus though -says Grace Sargeant 8JGB.

It was really fun to watch everyone trying their best and getting really competitive- says Matthew Burton 8JGB.

It has been loads of fun to create our scarecrow. I have really enjoyed working as a team -says Callum Thompson 8SCa.