Year 9 Visit to Beth Shalom – Isobel Williams

On Wednesday 22nd June Year 9 visited the Beth Shalom, The National Holocaust Centre, just outside Newark.

When we arrived we started to think about the Holocaust and how it affected people. Much of the day was about choices and what choices you can make to help reduce prejudice.

We then visited the Memorial Gardens. It was a big, beautiful garden full of roses, each one dedicated to someone who suffered in the Holocaust. Each rose has a plaque underneath with a personal message from friends, family or anyone who wants to make a dedication. We all payed our respects to the children of the Holocaust by placing a pebble on the pile in the garden.

We also walked through the exhibition which showed the timeline of Hitler’s rise to power and the escalation of the terrible treatment of the Jews. This was very intriguing and captivating.

After lunch it was time to listen to a Holocaust survivor, Steven Mendelsson talking about their experiences and reflections on it. It was incredibly engaging and it brought the Holocaust to a very real and personal level.

At the end of the day it was time to reflect on what we had learnt and we linked the Holocaust with modern day prejudices and issues. We reflected on how the Jews must have felt at this time and how we would have felt if we were put in their shoes.

Overall it was a very engaging and thought provoking day. We learned lots and have hopefully developed a better understanding of the Holocaust and the challenges the Jews had to face.

Isobel Williams