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Happiness & Wellbeing at Prep

Happy and Achieve

Your child’s happiness and needs are our priority and we believe the wellbeing of our pupils is central to their learning. We have created a caring environment, which embraces core values such as respect and excellence, fostering community through a philosophy of care.

Your Child's Wellbeing

We were recently announced as a Finalist in the national Independent Schools of the Year Awards (2022) for Student Wellbeing. Our pastoral curriculum includes visits from external speakers, involvement in national anti-bullying and mental health campaigns as well as a focus on learning in the outdoor environment.

We are committed to taking our learning outdoors, investigating nature and developing enquiry through exploration and hands-on experiences. Our new £250k outdoor learning and play facility allows us to really embrace this ideal and helps our children to understand that learning is not simply something that happens inside the classroom, but is shaped by all of our experiences and interactions.

Charlotte Brigden

Charlotte Brigden

Deputy Head: Pastoral & Head of Boarding

Charlotte is Deputy Head Pastoral and Designated Safeguarding Lead. Read her full bio, below.

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Charlotte Brigden

Charlotte is Deputy Head Pastoral and Designated Safeguarding Lead. She joined LMS in September 2023 from Haileybury College in Hertfordshire. Charlotte is passionate about all things pastoral, in particular boarding. She holds an MA in Education from the University of Exeter and is currently studying for a Doctorate of Education at Nottingham University. Charlotte works with the Heads of Key Stage and Tutors to support the pastoral development of all students at LMS. Alongside all things pastoral Charlotte also teaches Geography, coaches sailing and helps with the running of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

Mental Health Champions

Students in Years 5-6 are empowered to become mental health champions through engaging teaching methods, activities, and videos, equipping them to support their younger peers. They learn about the importance of mental health, the benefits of physical exercise, the value of a good night's sleep, and the importance of speaking to a trusted adult or friend about their worries. They are also encouraged to pursue hobbies and have fun.

Collaboration and Support

Pupils participate in live online sessions with other schools, sharing ideas on maintaining good mental health and supporting friends in need. They explore how to recognize signs of struggle in others and learn how to offer help effectively.

Workshops and Certifications

Our collaboration with OneGoal, an organization dedicated to improving children's mental health and wellbeing, brings workshops into our classrooms. These sessions teach pupils the skills and qualities necessary to become effective mental health champions. We are proud to announce that Lincoln Minster Preparatory School is on track to becoming a certified Mental Health Champion School.

Mindful Activities

All pupils have the opportunity to explore a range of mindful activities, including:

  • Lighting candles for reading time

  • Using Sensory Stones to express feelings

  • Sensory walks

  • Memory games

  • Guided meditation

  • Relaxing breaks with music

  • Outdoor woodland settings and reading tipis

  • Mud kitchen

  • Teamwork activities

  • Calming creative workshops

'Mindful Monsters' Program

Our 'Mindful Monsters' program uses a children's rhyming book to help students understand mindfulness. Each of the seven monsters represents a different quality, and together they form a foundation for a happy, healthy, respectful, and kind individual. This book is a valuable tool throughout the year, helping pupils regulate their emotions and understand the importance of mindfulness. Pupils who display a mindful approach are rewarded with coloured stickers representing the different monsters and their associated emotions.

At Lincoln Minster Preparatory School, we are committed to fostering a supportive and mindful environment that promotes the wellbeing and emotional intelligence of every pupil.