Lincoln Minster School
Offering a Range of Qualifications

Offering a Range of Qualifications

External Exam Candidates

We welcome external exam candidates. From home-schooled students taking their first GCSEs to those who need to sit exams for university applications or to help them in their careers.

We offer iGCSEs, GCSEs and A-Levels in most subjects, and being a small centre means that we can be very flexible. The school is conveniently located in uphill Lincoln making it ideal for those in the surrounding area or further afield.

The following fees apply for external examinations.

GCSE and IGCSE Exams: £180 per subject entry*

*Combined Science: £300

*Cambridge International IGCSE: £200 per subject entry

AS Level Exams: £180 per subject entry

A-Level Exams: £300 per subject entry

Functional Skills: £120 per subject entry

These entry costs cover the exam entry fees payable to the exam boards, administration costs, invigilation costs and secure postage of exam certificates.

If extra arrangements are needed for access arrangements or other requirements there may be an additional cost. If you enter three or more subjects in any one exam session a 10% discount will be applied to the final cost. 

We are no longer accepting entries/enquires for Summer 2024, the next session for IGCSE is November 2024 and you should contact the school in late August/early September to register for these.

Contact the Exams Office on:

01522 551300 |

Frequently Asked Questions

Please have a look at the FAQs document below for further details on the process of entering for exams as a private candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions