Lincoln Minster School
Discover our School Commute Options

Discover our School Commute Options

Getting to School

The school commute doesn't always align with your work routine or other responsibilities, so here at Lincoln Minster School we want to make your child's commute to and from school as easy as possible. 

Our central location means we're in the perfect position to receive pupils from across Lincolnshire each day. With the support we have in place, we can help to ensure your child is able to travel to and from school safely. 

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School Bus Routes

Pupils from across Lincolnshire and the surrounding area attend our school and we are pleased to offer a number of school buses serving routes in the following areas: Kirton Lindsey, Horncastle, Woodhall Spa, Sleaford, Grantham, Newark, Louth, Retford and Market Rasen. 

The map shows the stops along the journey (click for an expanded view).

If you would like to enquire about our bus routes and options for your family, please email or 01522 551300.

Bus Timetable

Transport Guide

Public Transport

Our central location gives us great links with local public transport. There are several bus stops around our Preparatory and Senior sites, and the Lincoln City bus station is just a short 10-minute walk away.

Several commuter trains enter and exit Lincoln Central train station each morning and evening, which is also a short 10-minute walk away. We also provide a school bus service to pick-up and drop-off those pupils commuting via train. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop my child off early/late?

Yes. Our school runs a number of before and after school groups and activities, some of which you can find here.

Will you add new pick-up/drop-off locations?

Our routes may change each year due to the needs of our families. If you would require a pick-up at a location currently not listed, please email or call us on 01522 551300 and we’ll try our best to arrange a solution.

Do you offer other means of travel support?

We are always open to discussing new requests for travel support. If you require a specific solution, or feel travel to our school is not possible, please email us at or call us on 01522 551300 and we’ll try our best to arrange a solution.

How much does the School Bus cost?

The costs of this service depend on the zone your pick-up/drop-off location is in. Here are the termly costs for each zone.

Zone 1: £606

Zone 2: £840

Zone 3: £1200

Zone 4: £1416

Station: £198

The full list of pick-up/drop-off locations, along with zone numbers, can be found here.

Billing is added on a termly basis to Wisepay accounts. Please ensure children are at the bus stop ten minutes before the allocated time.