Lincoln Minster School
Discover our diverse range of co-curricular clubs.

Discover our diverse range of co-curricular clubs.


Driving passion through clubs and activities.

Here at Lincoln Minster School, we have a wide range of co-curricular clubs and activities for pupils of all years to be involved in. These activities provide pupils with the opportunity to pursue a passion, explore their interests, stretch their imagination and develop new skills. Scheduled both within the school day and before/after school, we aim to ensure that our co-curricular offering is available at a time that suits most. Find the lastest list of Senior clubs and activities, here.

Our Reception - Year 2 co-curricular booklet can be found here, and our Year 3 - Year 6 booklet can be found here.

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Biology - Combined

Biology - Separate

Casual Debating

Chemistry - Separate





Drama - Portfolio

Drama - Set Text

Duke of Edinburgh

A life-changing experience. A fun time with friends. An opportunity to discover new interests and talents. A tool to develop essential skills for life and work. A recognised mark of achievement; respected by employers.

The DofE is many things to many people, supporting generations to successfully navigate adult life.

Our Senior pupils can do a DofE programme at one of three progressive levels which, when successfully completed, leads to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.


Students have the opportunity to help design and build electronic circuits for use with electromechanical robots that they can program with PICAXE, Raspberry Pi and the BBC micro.

Economics Society

Economics society is run for any student interested in the world of economics. Students are presented with a variety of real world micro and macro scenarios to analyse and evaluate. The society debates key economic decisions made by governments and the impact it will have on society. We also support students in applying to University to study economics based courses.

English Language

ESU Performing Shakespeare

ESU Public Speaking Team

The LMS Public Speaking Team, comprising students in Year 9-11, competes in the prestigious annual ESU Churchill Public Speaking Competition. It is the largest such contest in England and Wales, with around 400 teams (each comprising a speaker, questioner and a chairperson). The different roles allow students to practice and excel in different skill sets, and the competition’s unique format, which pairs the speaker from one school with the chair and questioner of another, encourages quick thinking and relationship building.

Food Prep & Nutrition

Football (Sixth Form)


French - Foundation


Girls' Football

Girls' Futsal



Graphics Catch-Up Club




Homework Club


Jazz Ensemble (Grade 6+)


KS3 Futsal

KS3 Netball

KS3 Production

KS3 Tag Rugby

KS3 Tennis Programme

KS4 Tennis Programme

LMS Orchestra

Law Club

Life Drawing


Medical Society


Musical Theatre

Physics - Combined

Physics - Separate

Polo Club

Pre-School Sport

Pre-School Sport - Basketball

Pride Club

Religious Studies


Sailing Club

Sailing will continue in the academic year 2023/24.

Cost for the season consisting of approximately 15 sessions is £105, payable by Wise Pay. If students are new to sailing, then they are most welcome to attend the first few sessions to see how they enjoy it.



String Orchestra


Monday evenings 4-5pm

Revision Skills

Wind Ensemble

Year 10 Extra GCSE Music

Year 10 Production

Young Enterprise

The Young Enterprise Company Programme will enable you to experience what it is like to set up and run a student company. It will run during the Michaelmas and Lent terms in Year 12 and you will make all the decisions about your enterprise, from deciding on the name and product to creating a business plan, managing the student company finances and selling the product or service. A range of resources are provided to help manage the company.
In 2022, our Young Enterprise team, Aurum, were winners at the county finals and went on to take the award for sustainability at the regional finals. They created a plant based cookbook using recipes from local businesses. They developed relationships with these local restaurants and cafes to create the cookbook and then worked with a local printing company to get the book printed. They went on to sell out and after they had closed the company they decided to give their individual profits made to the school's Ukraine fund.
Well done to team Aurum, we look forward to seeing what this years company create.
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Full List of Preparatory Clubs and Activities

Animation Club

Make flick books and films.

We will be exploring stop motion animation beginning with flick books and moving on to creating short stop motion animation films using iPads. 

Staff: Mrs Downes

Location: Room9

Equipment needed: None

Cost: FREE

Limited Spaces


Learn to dance!

Reception - Year 2.

Ballet Club follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. Ballet is a great way for children to develop their balance, co-ordination, posture, performance skills and confidence. Each class will work to a relevant grade for their age and ability.

Staff: Miss C Spratt

Location: Prep School Hall

Equipment needed: Girls - Pink short-sleeved leotard with a skirt attached, pink ballet socks and pink leather ballet shoes. Boys -White t-shirt, navy blue shorts, white ballet socks and white leather ballet shoes. (Ballet clothing must be obtained from Mavis Foster - 01522 529299)

Cost: £4 per session

Limited Spaces


'Be Prepared'

Beaver Scouts are the youngest group in the Scouting Organisation for both boys and girls. Beaver Scouts participate in a range of activities in a team/sharing environment and start the scouting ethos of 'Be Prepared'. They do hands-on activities, problem-solving and work outdoors when possible. Beavers work towards a variety of badges which are worn on their uniforms.

Staff: Miss Simpson & Mrs Clarkson

Location: Room 3

Equipment needed: Uniform (turquoise sweatshirt) required for enrolment. Parents need to purchase this separately.

Cost: £25 per term

Book Club

Discover new books.

Bring along and share a favourite book of your choice. We will also read a story together and discuss our likes and dislikes of different books; fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Staff: Mrs R Carpenter

Location: Room 5

Equipment needed: None

Cost: FREE

Limited Spaces

Construction Club

Solve construction challenges.

An opportunity to use a variety of construction resources to create models, follow instructions and solve construction challenges.

Staff: Miss Webster

Equipment needed: None

Cost: FREE

Limited Spaces

Creative Play

Get creative!

Get creative - Sand! ...Water! ... Playdoh! ... Craft!


Staff: Mrs Gainey

Location: Room 2

Equipment needed: None

Cost: FREE

Cross Country League


Develop new skills!

Join Cubs to develop new skills and soar to great heights! Being a cub opens up a new world of opportunities.

Staff: Miss E Robinson

Location: Room1

Equipment needed: None

Cost: £30 per term

Limited Spaces

Film Club

Watch U and PG films.

Watch a selection of U and PG rated films.

Staff: Mrs Whitworth

Location: Room1

Equipment needed: none

Cost: FREE

Limited Spaces


Learn with FA qualified coaches.

Fun First Football is a great introduction to football for your child. The coaches will decide on a different topic each week for the group to focus on. This will include dribbling, passing, shooting, goalkeeping and many more techniques. All the activities will be fully inclusive, high energy and fun to ensure your child has a fantastic time whilst learning new skills. Our coaches are highly skilled and FA qualified with vast experience in coaching/teaching children of primary age.


Staff: Premier Ed

Location: Prep Field

Equipment needed: Football/PE kit, football boots, shin pads and drinks bottle

Cost: £6 per session

Limited Spaces

Guitar Club

Learn to play the guitar!

A fantastic opportunity to play the guitar within an ensemble.

Staff: Mr J Poole

Location: Prep Music Room

Cost: FREE

Limited Spaces

Hockey Club

Join others and play Hockey.

Staff: Mrs S Stevenson and Mr Seaton

Location: Lindum

Equipment needed: Games kit, shin pads and mouth guard

Cost: free

Homework Club

Catch up with homework.

A chance to catch up with homework, supported by a member of staff.

Staff: LMS Staff Member

Location: Prep Classrooms

Cost: FREE


Brilliant confidence booster.

Judo is a self-defence martial art which encourages discipline and self-control. It is also a brilliant confidence boosting activity for children. The Judo Academy is led by Cassey Borrill, a former Olympic medallist and four times GB champion who has 16 year's experience of coaching, grading and running the academy. Children can show their progressions through earning different coloured belts and stripes on the belt. Gradings will take place but with a maximum of one stripe awarded per term.

Staff: Miss C Borrill

Location: Prep Hall

Equipment needed: Full Judo kit preferred

Cost: £6 per session

Limited Spaces

Languages Club

Learn a new language!

In Languages Club we will do lots of fun things. Using our French and Spanish, we will play games, act out scripts from stories, make puppets to act out conversations, do role plays and watch films in French and Spanish (with subtitles) and much more.

Staff: Mrs Hawkins

Location: Room 5

Equipment needed: None

Cost: FREE

Limited Spaces

Mighty Maths

Modern Dance

Following the ISTD syllabus.

Modern theatre dance is a rhythmic dance style which originated in America before travelling to the rest of the world. It is often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. In Modern Dance, we learn and develop the basics of theatrical dance.

We incorporate basic exercises for physical development (posture, stretching, strengthening and co-ordination) alongside performance qualities of style and musicality, all set to fun and specially composed music. We follow the internationally recognised syllabus of the ISTD.

Staff: Mrs Cunningham

Location: Prep School Hall

Equipment needed: Dance leotard/ Gym leotard. Bare Feet!

Cost: £4 per session

Limited Spaces

Musical Theatre Club

Prepare those Jazz hands!

Learn songs from the greatest musicals, past and present. Add in a few simple moves and get those Jazz hands ready!

Staff: Mrs Wilkinson & Mrs Thornalley

Location: Music Room

Equipment needed: None

Cost: FREE

Limited Spaces


High Five Netball

Open to both boys and girls, High Five Netball is a fun inclusive game. We will work on skills and drills, and then put them into a game.

Staff: Miss Dickson

Location: Prep School Playground

Equipment needed: School PE kit

Cost: FREE Limited Spaces

Percussion Club

Drums and other percussion instruments.

Our drum teacher Mr Clark will be leading a percussion group. You do not need to be learning percussion to attend, just enjoy playing classroom percussion instruments together.

Staff: Mr Clark

Location: Prep Music Classroom

Cost: FREE

Limited Spaces

Prep Choir

Enjoy a sing song!

Enjoy a sing song with Mrs Wilkinson! Pupils will sing lots of different songs for different occasions during the school year.

Staff: Mrs Wilkinson

Location: Music Room

Equipment needed: None

Cost: Free

Prep Orchestra

Scratch Club

Learn to code!

Mr Taylor will be running Scratch Club on Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm for Year 4, 5 & 6. There will be limited spaces that will be available on a first come, first serve basis. They will be going into greater depth of coding than in their ICT curriculum to create various games.

Staff: Mr R Taylor

Location: ICT Room

Equipment needed: None

Cost: Free

Limited Spaces

String Group

Beginners welcome.

Mrs Hill, one of our fabulous string teachers will lead Prep String group. Anyone who has lessons on a string instrument, come and enhance your skills by playing together in an ensemble. Beginners welcome.

Staff: Mrs Hill

Location: Prep Music Classroom

Cost: FREE

Limited Spaces


Mini Tennis

The children use mini rackets and large low compression tennis balls. The children will also be introduced to some fun match play events.

Year Reception - 2:

Staff: Coach Simon

Location: Prep Playground

Equipment needed: PE Kit

Cost: £3.50 per session

Year 3 - 6:

Staff: Mr S Taylor

Location: Eastgate Tennis Club (Please collect your child from here)

Equipment needed: None

Cost: £7 per session 

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