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Investing in Their Future

Investing in Their Future


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We have been mindful of the financial pressures on families as we establish our fees for the forthcoming year. In line with our commitment to strive for the best value for money, each component of our budget across our schools has been reviewed to ensure every piece of expenditure is absolutely necessary and delivers the best value and educational impact. A discount of 5% will be applied for the second child which gets boosted to 10% for the third child onwards.

Other key details:

  • Registration fee (£155) is due at point of application (can be made online here).

  • The deposit will then need to be paid before the child starts school - £250 if you're residing in the UK, £500 if you're residing in the EU, and £5000 for overseas families. 

  • Fees are due termly. Payable by the first day of term OR you can pay monthly by Direct Debit on the first day of the month, starting on 1 August for the Autumn term.

  • The deposits are returned by United Learning within 3 months of leaving the school.

  • A full terms notice is required for withdrawals.

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2024/25 fees per term (including lunch):

  • Reception - Year 2
  • Years 3 - 6
  • Years 7 - 13


What the fees do not include:

  • Public examination fees
  • Additional charges may be made for some items of equipment, services, activities and extra-curricular provision as required and notified in advance.

In accordance with our policy, a full terms notice is required in writing to the Head for any notices of departure or major changes to student status concerning boarding arrangements.

Here are the fees for the 2023/24 academic year.