Lincoln Minster School

Alumni Profiles

Our pupils go on to many exciting destinations all over the world and work in a wide range of careers.

See where your old classmates are now with our alumni profiles; we’d love to hear from you too, let us know what you have been up to since leaving Lincoln Minster School and what your plans are for the future.

Hannah Allsworth

Class of 2010 - Account Developer At ProCo

“I studied at Lincoln Minster school between 2003 to 2010. In those years, LMS encouraged and supported me to pursue the subjects in which I was talented. This led to me studying for a BA in in Graphic Design specialising in Advertising. 

“I have since began a career in the print industry working as an Account Developer for one of the UK’s leading marketing operations specialists.”

May Ashton- Jones

Class of 2016 - Studying Architecture

“The support from the community of Lincoln Minster School gave me the confidence to achieve my goals. I have finished my first year studying Architecture and the positive results bode well for the future. Additionally, I continue to enjoy other hobbies like painting and running which I developed throughout my time at school. 

“What really stands out when I look back at my time at Lincoln Minster School over the past 9 years was my eagerness to go back after the holidays, get into school early to see my friends and stay after school to finish work with others. I think it was an environment that I wanted to be part of and it was a privilege to end my time as Head Girl.

“I have always just tried my best working hard for what I want to achieve, since I am very happy with where I am currently, I aim to continue doing just that.

“My advice to current students is to work out what you really enjoy doing and put that extra bit of effort in to it.”

Katherine Austin

Class of 2002 - Head Of Operations, For Collegiate Accommodation Collection.

“As well as independence, resilience, negotiating skills and strategic problem solving skills, Lincoln Minster School provided me with friendships which have lasted a lifetime. 

“I am working as a Strategic Operations Manager and in the future I intend to focus on international business growth.

“As well as independence, resilience, negotiating skills and strategic problem solving skills, Lincoln Minster School provided me with friendships which have lasted a lifetime.

“I am working as a Strategic Operations Manager and in the future I intend to focus on international business growth.

“I would advise current students that soft skills are as important as hard skills, learn how to communicate well – listen to be heard. Believe in your abilities and always try and be different.”

Poppy Miller

Commentator, Sideline Reporter, TV Digital Host 

Graduating from the University of South Carolina Beaufort with a degree in Communications Studies, past Lincoln Minster School pupil Poppy went on to intern at local news station WHHI TV before becoming the lead host of live daily trivia app The Q Trivia.

Poppy is currently a commentator and sideline reporter for Charleston Battery Soccer Club. She commentates on all home and away matches, broadcast on ESPN+. She is the only female Play by Play commentator in the league.

Greta Belgrove

Class of 2005 - Customer Services Manager

“Lincoln Minster School taught me the value of working hard in order to achieve your goals and gave me a good work ethic, which has held me in good stead and set me apart from my peers. 

“As I was a boarder, I have lots of great memories of my time at the school – all of which included laughing with the girls I was living with at the time.

“I am currently Customer Services Manager for a property claims management company. I manage a call centre of 20 people that manages buildings insurance claims – we provide reinstatement and cash settlement services.

“In the future I plan to become an operations manager for a well established property claims management company or Insurance company. To buy a second home in Orkney and start a rental business with the one I currently own.

“My advice to current students would be Always do your best and try your hardest, if you don’t you are only letting yourself down and you will regret it later.”

Jamie Bendy

Class of 2010 - Cruise Ship Singer

“Studying music and drama at Lincoln Minster School gave me the foundations I needed to develop my skills as a performer and sparked my passion for singing. 

“I am now working as a singer on the Show Team aboard the Thomson Majesty cruise ship on a 12 month contract and in the future my plan is to To keep on performing! I honestly can’t ever see myself doing anything else, so as long as I live I want to perform. My ultimate goal is of course, the West End and/or TV.

“My favourite memory of LMS is making life-long friends and having the opportunity to explore such a wide range of subjects.

“If I was to give any advice to current students it would be to keep going. If you have any problems, talk to someone. Work hard but play hard too and above all, be happy.”

Jordan Olowofela

Full Back for Leicester Tigers and Dragons Rugby

Former Lincoln Minster School pupil, Jordan started his first Premiership game versus Worcester Warriors at Full Back position for Leicester Tigers. Jordan managed to get 80 minutes under his belt, gaining a huge amount of experience. In the summer of 2018, he was called up to the full England Senior Training Camp.

Having the opportunity to train with the country’s best English players is an unbelievable chance for Jordan and an opportunity to build on the fantastic World Cup he had with the England U20s.

Elizabeth Simmonds

Double Olympian and Double European Champion

At 14, whilst attending Lincoln Minster School, Lizzie won 5 golds at the European Youth Olympic Games and 6 golds at the European Junior. She qualified for her first senior team at 15, and her first Olympic Games in 2008, aged 17, finishing sixth in the 200m backstroke. Lizzie was twice crowned senior European Champion, collecting a number of medals at Commonwealth Games and World Championship competitions. Lizzie competed at the London Olympic Games in 2012, achieving a fourth-place finish in the 200m backstroke.

Now the Vice-Chair of the British Olympic Association Athletes’ Commission, Lizzie brings knowledge and expertise to Team GB athlete support programmes and promotes athlete welfare across the high-performance system. She is passionate about using her experiences from elite sports to help young people develop and thrive.

Lauren Bingham

Class of 2012 - Sports Coach At Excel Sports Coaching

“I work as a Sports Coach at Excel Sports Coaching. 

“Lincoln Minster School offered me great opportunities in sport, in particular giving me the chance to play football at school. I had great teachers and a positive three years at Lincoln Minster School that lead me to udnertake a course at college which then led onto University.

“My favourite memory of studying at LMS is Badminton coaching with Tim Mayer and football.

“In the future I hope to either join the RAF or police force.

“My advice for current pupils would be to study hard, you get out what you put in. Always try your best and no one can ask for more than that. University isn’t for everyone – make sure you are 100% sure before making such a big decision.”

Sophia Bishell

Class of 2012 - Marketing And Communications Coordinator.

“Since leaving Lincoln Minster School I have had an incredible few years, and I am very grateful to the inspiring teachers of the School for where I am today. 

“In particular, Mrs Wafer and Mrs Thornally who supported my creativity and passion for the Arts, and also the wonderful music department who helped me to flourish as a musician.

“I feel privileged to have been able to go to a school where creativity was rewarded. The opportunities I had with the Chamber Choir are memories I shall never forget – such as performing at Westminster Abbey, the Venice tour and all the lovely Lincoln Cathedral Concerts. It was an honour to be in a choir led by the Prentices.

“Following my time at Lincoln Minster School, I went on to study BA (Hons) Drama at the University of Lincoln and I was also involved in two BBC Radio Lincolnshire Dramas ‘After Me the Flood’ and ‘Leaving Home’, and various other University voluntary events with societies. After I graduated in 2015 I went on to set up my own musician booking agency ‘Crescendo Talent’ scouting an array of musician from across the UK.

“In February this year I transitioned into a full time role at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Entrepreneurship Centre as Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator, and I still pursue singing in my free time.”

Steve Burnett

Class of 2012 - Specialist Importer And Merchant For Wines Of Slovenia.

“I was a student at Lincoln Minster School between 2005 and 2012. After completing my A-levels, I chose not to go to university, but instead, enter straight into the workplace. I worked in a hotel as a sommelier, a winemaker’s assistant, a Wine Advisor for one of the country’s largest mail order wine companies, a manager of a wine merchants, before ending up with my own business, Corkhaus Ltd. 

“I now deal solely with Slovenian Wine, so my business partner and I are often found to be travelling back and forth between London and Ljubljana, for meetings and buying excursions. I now supply to some of the best Michelin Star Restaurants in the country, the Slovenian Embassy in London, and many independent retailers and private customers.

“As my business grows, as too does the demand from a dynamic and increasingly engrossed market. In all honesty, if somebody had told me when I started Lincoln Minster School that at 23, I would be a businessman, dealing in wines from a former Yugoslavian country, I would have laughed (as would most people).

“Lincoln Minster School actively encouraged me to flourish at what I do, advised and assisted me in getting to where I am today.”

Eliza Butterworth

Class of 2011 - Actress And Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art Graduate.

“I am extremely proud to say that I attended Lincoln Minster School from the tender age of 4 all the way to 18! The Minster School gave me some of the most exciting, challenging, and shaping years of my life that I will always treasure. 

“Since leaving the Minster School, I went on to win a place at the prestigious London drama school; the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and studied for 3 years leaving with a BA Hons in Acting.

“After graduating, I have been working as an actor in various major television productions for the BBC, ITV and Netflix. I have been playing the recurring role of Aelswith; King Alfred the Great’s severe and calculating wife in the BBC/Netflix production of ‘The Last Kingdom’ throughout 2 seasons.

“My other television appearances include Lucy Hamilton in the BBC’s ‘WPC 56’ and Holly in ITV’s ‘DCI Banks’. I have also performed at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, appeared in the upcoming video game;’ Star Citizen’, recorded BBC Radio plays and filmed a short film called ‘A Very Ham-Fisted Steak Out’ which is due to be released in Spring 2017.

“I have Lincoln Minster School to thank for all of this as they nurtured my passion for theatre and supported me throughout my dreams to become an actor.”

William Copeland

Class of 2012 - Climate Studies Specialist At Tromsø University, Norway.

“I am an alumnus of Lincoln Minster School after having studied at the school from 2000 to 2012. After finishing my A-levels I took a BSc in Earth Sciences at Royal Hollow, University of London. 

“My BSc took to me to Cyprus, Spain and finally the French Pyrenees where a month of independent geological mapping took place. Yes, I spent a month in the pouring rain looking at rocks on the sides of perilously steep mountains. Little did I know this would take me on to bigger and better things into my future.

“On completion of my studies at Royal Holloway, I took a masters position at Tromsø University, Norway. Tromsø is located 300km north of the Arctic Circle boasting the northern lights, spectacular scenery and most importantly for me, a rapidly warming climate.

“I now specialise in climate studies at the university, reconstructing past climates in an attempt to look into future changes we may experience. The present is the key to the past, and the past is the key to our future. My research has taken me to Svalbard where escaping polar bears on snow scooters and swimming in the Arctic Ocean are all part of daily life. I have also worked with the Alfred Wagner Institute in Germany on a research cruise investigating oceanographic effects of climate change from Bremerhaven, Germany to Cape Town, South Africa.

“In my free time I work as an activist for Amnesty International on their campaigns here in Norway. I also work as a northern lights tour guide/chaser during the winter period taking me all across the region, even into Finland and Sweden. At the time of writing, northern lights season is ending so I will work as a museum host at the University Museum over summer. During the summer we have 24 hours of sunlight which is a luxury as I am a keen mountain runner and hiker.

“In the future I will look for PhD positions within Norway or another Scandinavian country to continue my studies into our changing climate. This may even mean spending research time in Antarctica.”

Will Crawford

Class of 2016 - Studying At Birmingham Conservatorie Of Classical Guitar

“I gained a lot of confidence and people skills during my time at Lincoln Minster School which have helped me to get to the place I am today. 

“I have just enjoyed a year out which I spent teaching guitar and playing at gigs. I start studying at Birmingham Conservatorie of classical guitar in September 2017.

“It would be impossible to pick a favourite memory of my time at the school, although it would probably be one from the sixth form as I enjoyed those two years the most.

“My advice to current students would be to remember that obviously your exams are important but don’t forget that determination and a good personality are equally important and will serve you well.”

Lincoln Cupples

Class of 2013 - Film, TV And Radio Studies Student At Staffordshire University.

“Having worked as a volunteer presenter and producer for Siren FM from 2013-16, and for One Media Group at Staffordshire University in 2016/17, I consider myself a fairly experienced radio producer. 

“I currently study Film, TV and Radio Studies at Staffordshire University, as well as working on my own visual and audio-visual projects online at

“In the future I’d like to continue my work with both of these organisations to fulfil myself creatively, while specialising in radio in the second and third years of my degree. I’d eventually like to work for a major broadcaster here in the UK, or turn some success for my own online personal brand.

“Jokingly, I said recently that I also want to be the most successful film student that doesn’t even study film. As a 6-year veteran of online video, I feel film-making isn’t about having an audience, it’s about enjoying the process, whatever the outcome. So really, I’d like to just keep creating.

“My advice to current LMS students would be to be happy with what you’re doing, if you’re not, then there’s something wrong. Don’t listen to people who tell you that you can’t do something. Don’t be afraid of upsetting people in persevering in your endeavours. Don’t listen to commercial radio and keep buying your TV licence.”

Emma Sanders

Broadcast Journalist, BBC

Former pupil, Emma Sanders, works as a sports broadcast journalist and has worked with BBC Sport, BBC, The Independent, Bleacher Report, Liverpool Echo, This Is Anfield, Flintshire Chronicle, HipToro, Southport Visiter and Full Stop.

Emma covers Premier League games, international, top-flight men’s European and WSL for the BBC Sport website, specialising in live text reporting.

Laura Curtis

Class of 2007 - Award Winning Composer In The Theatre And Film Industry.

"After leaving Lincoln Minster Laura went on to study Journalism at Cardiff University. After graduation she worked for BAFTA whilst also continuing to write Musical Theatre repertoire with her husband, Daniel Curtis. 

"In 2012 they started to pursue a full-time writing career. This began with writing music for artists such as Lea Salonga (Disney’s Mulan and Aladdin), Ramin Karimloo (Love Never Dies) and Adam Pascal (Rent).

"BBC Radio 2 have championed their music on programmes such as Elaine Paige on Sunday and Weekend Wogan. Daniel and Laura have also appeared on BBC Breakfast and The One Show to discuss their work.

"Most recently they wrote the single ‘Standing On My Own’ for Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz. Currently they are developing a new musical for television and have been spending time in Los Angeles."

Max Dartnall

Class of 2014 - Studying Veterinary Science At The University Of Liverpool.

“I am currently studying at the University of Liverpool and in the future I would like to specialize and become an equine vet, possibly getting a masters in equine orthopaedics. I’d also like to work abroad for a few years, perhaps in New Zealand. 

“My time at LMS gave me a strong work ethic and the aspirations to do well in life. All my teachers and tutors inspired me in their own way, I couldn’t thank them enough.

“My favourite memory of the school has to be the general experience of being with like minded people who enjoyed being challenged both academically and physically.

“My advice to current students is to always appreciate the value of a good education. At LMS you’re getting something a lot of people would dream of having. Always look to the future, work hard and strive for success!”

Harriette Davis

Class of 2011 - Production Specialist At ITV News West Country.

“I am currently working in Bristol as a Production Specialist at ITV News; my goal for the future is to work on TV Drama in the camera department. 

“My advice to current students of Lincoln Minster School would be to try your best but don’t get yourself too stressed out!”

Adam Deal

Class of 2012 - Working As A Fully Qualified Carpenter And Joiner.

“My favourite memory of studying at Lincoln Minster School is meeting my girlfriend who I am still with after almost six years; I also enjoyed the opportunity of being football captain in Year 10/11. 

“LMS helped me get to where I am today particularly with maths skills which are an everyday essential for a joiner – I am always measuring lengths of timber and need quick mental maths and angles for roofing so that’s really important to me.

“Being around and involved with such good people at school was great and being involved in sports was another helpful thing because I can communicate and be friendly to everyone I meet.

“In the future I would like to run my own carpentry, joinery and building business. I want to give the opportunity back to younger people who want to learn and earn good money! I want to settle down and have a family of my own later in life too.

“I know not everyone will enjoy school every single day, but all I can honestly say is that school is one of the best times of your life when you think back so enjoy it and work hard to get your grades that you want.”

Alexandra Dring

Class of 2008 - Norland Nanny

“After finishing my studies at Lincoln Minster School I studied at Norland Nanny College in Bath and became a Norland Nanny which is what I always wanted to do. My time at LMS gave me the confidence and reassurance to achieve whatever I wanted to. 

“My favourite memory of my time at the school is singing in the cathedral for six years, that was a great experience!

“My plan for the future is to keep nannying with different families and then when I settle down myself to either open up my own children’s cafe or nursery.

“If I was to give some advice to current students it would be to just enjoy your time at LMS because it soon ends. Also don’t take anything for advantage and work hard.”

Seeven Durasamy

Class of 2005 - Property Investor For His Family's Business

“Since leaving Lincoln Minster School I have worked in several fields of work at been to university and college. 

“My favourite memories of my LMS days are playing the trumpet in front of people in the cathedral.

“My advice to current students would be ‘working hard in your younger years will always pave the way for your successes later on in life’.”