Lincoln Minster School
Welcome to Your New Home

Welcome to Your New Home

Relocating to Lincoln

Lincoln is a great place to raise children, as shown by the recent ranking as the best UK city to raise a family out of a list of 200 popular locations. It's a city filled to the brim with history and community-spirit.

If your family is relocating to our wonderful city, we welcome you to come and visit the school or simply get in touch. Our flexible and supportive admissions process can make you and your child's transition to a new home as smooth as possible.

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Apply Now for 2024

Ready to apply? Our online application form is quick and easy to use. Alternatively, join us for an Individual Tour of the school where you can meet the Head and see our teaching in action. 
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How can we help?

We've supported many families as they've relocated to Lincoln or wider Lincolnshire. Our flexible admissions process means we can facilitate the trickiest of requirements that can arise in these circumstances.

  • Families can temporarily enrol their children into our Boarding house. This can help to prevent any disruption to their education as well as help them to get to know the school fully. This also gives parents the freedom to focus on relocation logistics, knowing their child/children are safe and happy.
  • Our Admissions process runs throughout the year for all year groups and, depending on circumstances, can be accelerated to allow you to enrol your child/children as quickly as possible. 
  • Pupils can experience life at Lincoln Minster School before an application is made via one of our Taster Days - an opportunity for children to take part in school lessons during the day. Find out more about our Admissions process, here.
  • Our Holiday Club is perfect for those looking to relocate during the school holidays. Preparatory-aged pupils are able to join the Holiday Club during each term break, including Summer, where they can enjoy exciting activities and new opportunities in a safe and friendly atmosphere.
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Top Tips for Moving to a New City

1. Select a School

Although easier said than done, choosing the right school for your family ahead of moving will, of-course, be one of your top priorities. The earlier you can find a school, the more time you have to prepare yourself and your child for the transition. is just one of many websites that can help you to find the best schools in the area. We always recommend making a visit to the school, whether via an Individual Tour or even a Taster Day. 

2. Research the New Area

Deep dive into some detailed research to make sure you're prepared and familiar with the area. Consider routes to school and work, Wi-Fi and home-phone options, available community groups and anything else that will make the first few weeks in your new home much smoother.

3. Join the School Community

Joining any school community is sure to help you and your family settle into the new environment. These welcoming communities can provide support and guidance as well as being a great way to make new friends. Here at Lincoln Minster School, we have a warm and welcoming school community, who often work together to deliver fundraising activities for new school initiatives. You can find out more about our parent community, here.

4. Find New Exciting Places for Your Family

To help your children warm up to the new environment, we recommend finding some exciting new places to visit in Lincoln and around Lincolnshire. This could be making a trip to Lincoln Castle, visiting one of the arcade or soft play venues, making use of the County's excellent golfing facilities or taking a boat ride on the Brayford Pool. VisitLincoln has a long list of venues, events and activities. 

5. Reach Out

If you're ever unsure, need help, or just have lots of questions, simply reach out to the wonderful Lincolnshire community as they'll be happy to help. If you need to discuss options for your child's education, you can reach us on 01522 551300 or at