Photo: Elizabeth Simmonds

Elizabeth Simmonds
Mentor and World Class Athelete

“I’ve recently retired from 12 years on the British team, so I’ve been enjoying some time off over the summer! I do some work within sports governance, and I also work with swimming clubs and schools across the country, leading masterclasses and workshops. I’ve recently set up a mentoring programme, giving young developing athletes access to the advice and guidance of a world class athlete. I’ve also started a blog ( about my transition out of sport and into the ‘real world’!

“I qualified for my first senior international team when I was 15, my first World Championships aged 16, and my first Olympics aged 17. These competitions obviously coincided with important exam periods at school, but my teachers at LMS were absolutely fantastic in ensuring I had everything I needed to be able to succeed in both education and sport. I came away with 7 A*s in my GCSEs, but couldn’t have done it without the understanding and guidance of the LMS staff.

“I loved English and being creative. I remember once having to give a presentation on a topic that we were passionate about – I went in wearing a swimming racing suit, hat and googles!

“I plan to remain involved with sport, using my experiences to develop athlete support programmes in the UK.

“Try your hardest at everything you do. Be curious about the world and how you can bring value to the people around you. Follow your dreams and believe that anything is possible.”