Lincoln Cupples
Film, TV and Radio Studies student at Staffordshire University.

“Having worked as a volunteer presenter and producer for Siren FM from 2013-16, and for One Media Group at Staffordshire University in 2016/17, I consider myself a fairly experienced radio producer.

“I currently study Film, TV and Radio Studies at Staffordshire University, as well as working on my own visual and audio-visual projects online at

“In the future I’d like to continue my work with both of these organisations to fulfil myself creatively, while specialising in radio in the second and third years of my degree. I’d eventually like to work for a major broadcaster here in the UK, or turn some success for my own online personal brand.

“Jokingly, I said recently that I also want to be the most successful film student that doesn’t even study film. As a 6-year veteran of online video, I feel film-making isn’t about having an audience, it’s about enjoying the process, whatever the outcome. So really, I’d like to just keep creating.

“My advice to current LMS students would be to be happy with what you’re doing, if you’re not, then there’s something wrong. Don’t listen to people who tell you that you can’t do something. Don’t be afraid of upsetting people in persevering in your endeavours. Don’t listen to commercial radio and keep buying your TV licence.”