Lucy Jackson
Studying English Literature at York St John University and working as a Support Worker for Disabled Children.

“Lincoln Minster School was a great starting point for me to gain the qualifications and crucial life experiences that have helped me to get into university and have a job that I’m really excited about. Interviewing for my prefect role has helped me in real job interviews; I feel confident when meeting people because of how well I was taught to interact with other people from the tours of the school I gave as a prefect.

“I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering in Romania over two summers with the school, and feel that those trips really shaped me. I made life long friends on those trips, and the weather wasn’t bad either.

“After I finish my degree I plan on continuing to pursue a care-based career. I currently work for Notts County Council as a Play Support Worker with disabled children, and I want to continue in this line of work. I am also considering some further qualifications to become a teacher.

“My advice would be to try and find a balance between school work and your social life. It can be easy to let one or the other take over, and from my personal experience focusing too much on either of them just ends up with you stressing out, so just find a healthy balance. Also, don’t leave your work until the last minute! You can probably do so much better if you actually plan!”