May Ashton-Jones
Studying Architecture.

“The support from the community of Lincoln Minster School gave me the confidence to achieve my goals. I have finished my first year studying Architecture and the positive results bode well for the future. Additionally, I continue to enjoy other hobbies like painting and running which I developed throughout my time at school.

“What really stands out when I look back at my time at Lincoln Minster School over the past 9 years was my eagerness to go back after the holidays, get into school early to see my friends and stay after school to finish work with others. I think it was an environment that I wanted to be part of and it was a privilege to end my time as Head Girl.

“I have always just tried my best working hard for what I want to achieve, since I am very happy with where I am currently, I aim to continue doing just that.

“My advice to current students is to work out what YOU really enjoy doing and put that extra bit of effort in to it.”