Steve Burnett
Specialist importer and merchant for Wines of Slovenia.

“I was a student at Lincoln Minster School between 2005 and 2012. After completing my A-levels, I chose not to go to university, but instead, enter straight into the workplace. I worked in a hotel as a sommelier, a winemaker’s assistant,  a Wine Advisor for one of the country’s largest mail order wine companies, a manager of a wine merchants, before ending up with my own business, Corkhaus Ltd.

“I now deal solely with Slovenian Wine, so my business partner and I are often found to be travelling back and forth between London and Ljubljana, for meetings and buying excursions.  I now supply to some of the best Michelin Star Restaurants in the country, the Slovenian Embassy in London, and many independent retailers and private customers.

“As my business grows, as too does the demand from a dynamic and increasingly engrossed market. In all honesty, if somebody had told me when I started Lincoln Minster School that at 23, I would be a businessman, dealing in wines from a former Yugoslavian country, I would have laughed (as would most people).

“Lincoln Minster School actively encouraged me to flourish at what I do, advised and assisted me in getting to where I am today.”