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24th May 2024 Newsletter

Friends of Lincoln Minster School Raise £1,320

02/04/2024 Top News
Friends of Lincoln Minster School Raise £1,320

The school's parent commitee have been working hard recently to raise funds for new school facilities.

Last week, the Friends of Lincoln Minster School hosted their inaugural Race Night, marking a triumphant beginning as the event drew enthusiastic participation and raised an impressive £860. The fervour of the attendees contributed to the success, all while supporting various projects and events beneficial to our pupils.

The excitement didn't end there as FoLMS organised a uniform and cake sale at the Preparatory School, adding a further £460 to their fundraising efforts. The generosity and support of FoLMS alongside the parents' active involvement are credited for the substantial sum collected.

The funds collected from both events will be directed towards enhancing the educational experience for the students at Lincoln Minster School through various initiatives and activities.

We'd like to share our appreciation to FoLMS and all parents for their unwavering support and generous contributions. Their dedication has not only made these events successful but also reinforced the sense of community within the school.

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