Lincoln Minster School



A safe and welcoming home from home.


Two spectacular boarding houses in the heart of Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarter.

All of our boarding houses are just a short walk to school and are overseen by highly-experienced and approachable boarding staff.

We pride ourselves on making every pupils’ boarding experience a happy and productive one and have a range of boarding options to suit every family. Step inside a boarding culture where each boarder – whether termly, weekly or flexi – are all treated as equal members of our boarding family.

Termly Boarding

Boarders stay with us full-time, except for school holidays when they return to their parents or named guardians.

Weekly Boarding

This boarding option is available to pupils who live reasonably close to the school and prefer to return home at the weekend – this can be a great help if home is too far away for the daily journey to be reasonable.


Our most flexible boarding option can offer pupils the chance to enjoy one-off stays or regular short-term stays to suit the individual needs of the family (subject to availability). Pupils who flexi-board may stay a set number of nights a week, or may vary their nights as they see fit, with others popping in only occasionally.

Flexi-boarding allows any day pupil to enjoy the facilities and companionship of our boarding houses by enjoying the experience of boarders’ activities, to have a sleepover with friends, to solve the problem of needing to stay at school late on a particular day or simply to assist parents who might have a short-term commitment that takes them away from home.


The Mount

The Mount Boarding House is a Victorian house designated for all the girls at Lincoln Minster School. The Mount has two communal rooms where pupils can watch TV or DVDs, play video games, board games or just relax. There is also a music room, equipped with a piano, guitars and a microphone for pupils to enjoy some music practise.

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Eastgate House is the boys’ boarding house at Lincoln Minster School. It is a grand Victorian house surrounded by leafy gardens and lawns, situated within close proximity to the historic Bailgate area and within easy walking distance of the modern Brayford Quay.

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Boarding Life at Lincoln Minster School

All pupils who join the Lincoln Minster School boarding family can enjoy a range of activities throughout the year.