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Ensuring the success and personal development of the child in our care, so they flourish academically and socially.

Pastoral Care

Underpinning Everything That We Do

Pastoral care at Lincoln Minster School underpins everything that we do and, alongside high-quality teaching and learning, is what ensures the success and personal development of the pupils in our care, so they flourish academically and socially.

We are recognised for the excellent pastoral care we provide to pupils who enjoy a warm and caring school community. We truly value and support one another, encouraging our pupils to embrace their unique strengths and potential.

Our exceptional standard of pastoral care ensures that each individual has the confidence to contribute and succeed at every stage of their school life. Pupils are supported by Mrs Jenny Muir, Assistant Head: Pastoral and Safeguarding Lead, Form Tutors, dedicated Heads of Year and Mrs Joyce our school nurse. Additionally, the pastoral team is supported by two counsellors and external agencies as necessary and appropriate.

We firmly believe in valuing pupils for who they are and not just for what they can do. Each of our pupils is encouraged and supported to achieve their academic and social potential with personal, vocational and academic guidance along the way.

Our pastoral curriculum encourages the development of these skills through PSHCE lessons, visits from external speakers, involvement in national anti-bullying and mental health campaigns as well as the opportunity to join and lead our pupil social action and wellbeing groups. As a result, pupils are afforded opportunities to develop and exercise important life skills.

Form Tutors

Pupils are supported by their form tutors throughout their time at the school; the tutor’s knowledge of their tutee’s achievements, abilities and wellbeing are invaluable in helping them through their journey through the school.

Form tutors remain the first point of call for any academic or social worries and have the experience to signpost to other sources of help when necessary. At the Senior School, tutors continue to meet as a team with the relevant Head of Year each week with the Head of Year providing further pastoral care and interventions as appropriate.

The role of the Form Tutor is not just one of reacting to problems that might arise. They will also be proactively encouraging their tutees to involve themselves in the co-curricular life of the school. For example, encouraging pupils to train as Peer Mentors, to join our Social Action and Charity Groups, to apply to become House Captains and to act as academic mentors to younger pupils. In the case of busier pupils who may have multiple commitments across departments, tutors will also help to monitor their academic study and any pressures and conflicting commitments.

Throughout the school, tutor time remains a key medium through which pupils build skills and develop attributes that support academic and personal progress. Each Form Tutor has the flexibility to adopt their own routine in tutor time to cover the areas of wellbeing, organisation and current affairs. Their routine may include quizzes, mindfulness techniques, debates on current affairs or topics that are important to the pupils.


Behaviour and Discipline


Relationship & Sex Education and Personal, Social Health Education form part of the teaching and development process here at Lincoln Minster School. Find out more, here.