Lincoln Minster School
A Stimulating, Nurturing Environment

A Stimulating, Nurturing Environment


The Start of Your Child’s Learning Journey

At Lincoln Minster School we put our pupils first, seeking to ensure that their talents and abilities are nurtured and encouraged to flourish in an environment of support and appreciation. This approach is demonstrated throughout every age range, with a curriculum designed to build the strong foundations for success in both academic and personal development.

Learning at Lincoln Minster School is fun, exciting and inviting, with all children learning through playing and by doing. We offer a broad curriculum-linked through topics to provide opportunities for the children to extend experiences and further their learning and knowledge. Art, Drama, Music and Sport are key parts of the experience.

Above all, in every area we encourage independence, thinking and investigating, enquiring minds, imagination, creativity, self-confidence and communication. We treat every child as an individual and believe that happy children are learning children.

We use the Development Matters Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage, but we believe in a flexible approach – especially if that means taking a break to play in the first snow of the year or to admire a rainbow!

The four key themes of the EYFS underpin all that we do:

  • A Unique Child
  • Positive Relationships
  • Enabling Environments
  • Learning and Development 

You can find out more in our curriculum guide.

Preparatory Curriculum Guide – EYFS To Year 6