Sixth Form Curriculum

AS and A2 studies are challenging but immensely rewarding, requiring a high level of motivation and responsibility; determination is crucial, as is a willingness to be involved fully in academic study.

Our pupils will be expected to embrace and adapt to a variety of teaching styles and learning strategies which might be different from those they will have encountered at GCSE level. The expectation is that our pupils will become increasingly enterprising and emerge as skilled, knowledgeable and competent independent learners.

Providing a curriculum which is rich in academic rigour, breadth and variety is essential. We offer an extensive choice of A-level courses and are confident that we meet the needs and requirements of our pupils. Meeting and talking to staff and pupils who teach and study these courses will help you in the decision making process. You will need to gain an overview of the structure and subject content of the A-levels that might be of interest to you and receive guidance on how then to select your final A-level choices.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is offered to all pupils in Year 12, and provides an excellent opportunity to develop independent learning skills. Pupils are provided with detailed guidance in the planning and execution of a research project on a topic of their choice. Crucially the content of the project is driven by the pupils, with teaching staff acting in a supervisory role, much like the experience of an undergraduate dissertation. Our excellent links with the University of Lincoln allow for pupils completing the EPQ to spend time in the University Library, learn how to access online resources and work with the team there. The qualification if fully accredited and attracts UCAS points on a similar tariff to AS levels, whilst being respected for attaining the same academic standards as an A2 level. The depth of understanding gained, along with the experience of producing a project of this nature, is superb preparation for study at university as well as being an opportunity for pupils to direct their own curriculum.

The subjects in our curriculum booklet below give an indication of the breadth of choice on offer. New subjects are being added all the time.

Click here to download our curriculum booklet:  Sixth Form Curriculum Booklet 2016-17

A message from headmaster
Mark Wallace
Sixth Form