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Select Lincolnshire Awards 2018 Winner - Teaching Establishment of the Year

Our award winning Catering staff were named ‘Teaching Establishment of the Year 2018’ at the Select Lincolnshire and Chamber of Commerce Awards 2018. This was in recognition of their efforts in providing healthy, locally-sourced meals year-round and the work they have done in educating our pupils about nutrition and where our food comes from.

Balanced meals for active and productive days

Mealtimes are an essential part of school life and can make the difference between a good day and a great one, a sluggish afternoon or feeling energised and ready to learn.  We believe in instilling a love and awareness of healthy eating and the benefits of a balanced diet from a very young age.  Eating is also a social occasion and throughout the school it is a chance for teachers and pupils to sit down together and enjoy good food, freshly prepared on each site by our dedicated catering teams.

Locally sourced ingredients form the basis of our menus wherever possible across the school, and we are proud members of the Select Lincolnshire scheme.  We have been delighted to win the ‘Teaching Establishment of the Year’ at the 2014 and 2015 Lincolnshire Food and Drink Awards, and Highly Commended in 2013 and 2015-6.  There are blackboards in each dining area where the current menu’s locally sourced produce is highlighted and we often celebrate all things Lincolnshire at special events and, of course, Lincolnshire Day.

Each of our three kitchens – at Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior sites – holds a full five star hygiene award from the City of Lincoln Council in recognition of our high standards of hygiene practices, training and management skills: awards of which we feel justly proud.

A Christmas favourite: our in-house carvery featuring a range of locally sourced meats and all of the trimmings.

Tasty and colourful: our grilled halloumi skewers.

Food for culinary explorers, active learning and ‘switched on’ afternoons


Our very youngest children have their own miniature cutlery and mealtimes are about tasty food and bright colours as we help pupils begin to recognise a healthy, nutritious lunch. They are served individually at the table, their food is cut up for them if they need and they always see the same faces in the Dining Room to reassure them.


We encourage pupils of our Prep School to start to make their own healthy choices from the wide selection of colourful, nutritious foods on offer and then sit with their friends to chat.


By the time our pupils reach Year 7, they enjoy choosing from the wide variety of dishes at our Senior Site; each option features local produce and pupils benefit from a number of options including hot and cold dishes, soups, sandwiches and a bright range of vegetables.

The importance of a balanced lunch at school is well documented and we endeavour to offer a range of choices which are attractive and wholesome.  A number of staff and students have special dietary requirements and we cater for these wherever possible.

Senior School Menus Summer Term 2019

Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory Menus Summer Term 2019

These menus run on a three week rotation up until the end of the Trinity Term 2019.

A Friday treat at our Senior Site, the ever-popular ultimate fish-finger sandwich with fresh filleted fish and a homemade tartare sauce.

Local, seasonal, tasty

We are proud members of the Select Lincolnshire for Food scheme, which brings together businesses of all shapes and sizes to celebrate, develop and signpost quality Lincolnshire produce across the UK. We’re a county full of food experts – growers, producers, processors and artisan businesses – making Lincolnshire the jewel in the UK food industry’s crown.

Wherever possible, all food at LMS is homemade, seasonal, and sourced locally – our menus our inspired by our great county and we strive to provide the best of what Lincolnshire has to offer. Breads, yoghurts, soups are all made from scratch on-site every day.

A message from our Catering Manager – Caron Harrison

“As the Catering and Food Services Manager here at Lincoln Minster School with over thirty years of experience, I am  passionate and committed to providing healthy, nutritious and high-quality food that the pupils and staff alike will look forward to each day.

I am immensely proud of the work of our Catering Team; their motivation, creativity and drive for offering the best to pupils puts us at the heart of our school community.

We are a friendly, approachable team and we truly care about the children that we serve. I hope that our dedication shines through in the dishes that we offer and we invite parents to sample a lunchtime with us to experience first-hand what food for pupils of Lincoln Minster School is all about.”

Our Catering Team also host external events and functions, find out more.

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