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From 8th August 2018, we are excited that our new school uniform supplier will be Schoolblazer.

The move to SchoolBlazer aims to make it simpler for parents to order school uniform, with faster delivery times, and with an intuitive online shop offering free returns.

From 8th August, parents can register online at www.schoolblazer.com to see the benefits of SchoolBlazer’s Intelligent Sizing System, allowing the ordering of uniform with name tapes applied free of charge.

How It Works

Upon entering the details of a child, the website will automatically display the uniform items relevant to the gender and year group of that child. A small question mark contained in a red box in the top left-hand corner of the uniform photographs denotes if the item is compulsory or optional. The school, in consultation with SchoolBlazer, have made a few changes to the style of certain uniform items, although no deadline has been set for the transition from old style clothing to new, and children may therefore continue to wear their existing school uniform until such time as it requires replacement either through growth of the child, or wear and tear. The most significant change is the introduction of a ‘tailored fit’ striped blazer for the Senior girls, with a Revere collar blouse which may be worn without a tie’

School Uniform List 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to buy unbranded/uncrested uniform items such as, white shirts or grey socks from SchoolBlazer and which may be cheaper from other shops?

A: Plain items, such as white shirts may be purchased from other high street retailers. However, we highly recommend items such as the navy blue kilt (skirt), to be purchased from Schoolblazer, due to the quality and specific design. They may only be purchased from other shops, provided it matches the style of the Schoolblazer item (i.e. pleated kilt to knee length).

Q: What if I have recently purchased school uniform items from the previous supplier?

A: This is absolutely fine. There are a number of changes to our uniform for September, including significant changes to the sports attire. We have decided to simply discontinue various items of clothing. However, if you have recently purchased these items, it is still acceptable for your child to wear these until such time as they are unsuitable, due to wear and tear, or have been outgrown. You will then be able to purchase new uniform from Schoolblazer.

Q: What changes have been made to the uniform?

A: Significant change is that we will now provide a tailored fit, striped blazer for girls in the senior school which may be worn with a revere collared blouse and no tie. Reception children will now be wearing the same uniform as children in Years 1 and 2.

Q: Does the old uniform list still apply?

A: No, there are items such as the girls tie, which are no longer a compulsory part of our uniform. If you are purchasing items from Schoolblazer, please refer to the latest uniform list attached above.

See full information and further frequently asked questions on below flyer.

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