Lincoln Minster School
Proudly Non-Selective

Proudly Non-Selective

Philosophy & Aims

We are proudly non-selective, offering an all-through education in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

We aim to provide an environment that sets high expectations, facilitating stretch and challenge, where each pupil is stimulated to fulfil their potential in preparation for the next stage of their education and future employment.

Through an inspiring curriculum, exciting clubs, activities and trips, excellent academic and pastoral support, and dedicated and caring staff, we provide each and every one of our pupils with an ‘education for life’.

Through encouraging active involvement in a wide variety of inclusive co-curricular opportunities pupils are engaged in school life, engendering a spirit of community and cooperation. By working alongside pupils with different languages, perspectives, cultures and ways of working and learning, an understanding of a globalised future is developed, broadening understanding and preparing pupils for life in global markets.

Lincoln Minster School seeks ways to develop pupils and staff with the willingness and skills to work effectively together in all we do, fostering long-lasting connections with local schools, the wider Lincoln community and United Learning schools to share facilities and to promote good practice. Alongside collaboration, we support individualised 1:1 learning. We engage with our alumni and Friends of LMS to build a vibrant society supporting each other and the School.


The highest standards of personal conduct are expected and, by matching what we say with what we do, we engender a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation. Robust systems of communication through the whole community enable us to listen and be responsive to the views of others, developing a sense of openness, honesty and integrity

Our inspiring staff seek new and different ways to engage with the challenge of educating pupils for the twenty-first century by meeting the needs of the curriculum in all its forms and extending beyond its constraints. Diversity is valued and pupils are encouraged to be curious and independent-minded to give them the skills to move on from school with confidence in their abilities.

At Lincoln Minster School we value everyone equally, building self-esteem and self-respect by demonstrating respect and care for people, ideas and our environment. We recognise the importance of things that enrich life beyond material possessions, which contribute to a sense of wellbeing, fulfilment and wonder, developing Lincoln Minster School as a rich and socially diverse community.


Black Lives Matter

Black History is incorporated throughout the school curriculum, from Preparatory right up to Senior and begins with a number of informative assemblies.

Throughout the year, the school will continue to learn and raise awareness about the individual stories of the inspirational icons who created change and paved the way for black lives today. 

Headmistress Maria Young has released a piece on Black History Month on behalf of Lincoln Minster School, which is available here. 

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