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Academic Life at Lincoln Minster School

Academic Life at Lincoln Minster School

Academic Life

Optimum Learning Environment

Our teachers are committed to offering the very best quality of teaching, learning and academic support. Small class sizes and setting in core subjects ensure that pupils are correctly supported and stretched according to their needs and ability. Each subject teacher tracks pupil progress and parents are kept regularly informed.

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We aim to:

  • Create a happy learning environment where every pupil can make the most of their ability and develop the courage to try new things
  • Take different abilities into account, whereby positive teaching methods and expectations are adapted to meet and exceed the academic needs of every individual
  • Foster in pupils the application of effort (intellectual, physical and creative), a genuine interest in their work, the ability to be independent – to think and learn for themselves, and to be self-motivated
  • Ensure equal opportunities in the classroom in relation to gender, race, class, special educational needs and beliefs
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum where the pupils are given breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding which extend beyond current norms and challenge expectations
  • Ensure a standard of excellence of teaching throughout the school through the recruitment and professional development of highly-qualified teachers who are conscientious, hard working and compassionateEncourage teachers to look upon change as an integral part of everyday life in school, and to further this through formal staff development which closely matches the needs of the strategic priorities of the school and the individual teacher.
  • Ensure that a variety of skills are taught so that every pupil has the opportunity to discover and nurture their own talents, both academic and non-academic, fostering in them a true love of learning

Upcoming Open Days

We are happy to announce three upcoming dates for our Open Days at Lincoln Minster School:
22nd September 2022
4th November 2022
12th January 2023
If you wish to attend please book your place via the form below as soon as possible to guarentee your place.

Academic Life

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