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A-Level Further Mathematics

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67% A*- B

This is probably the most challenging qualification, which both extends and deepens your knowledge and understanding beyond the standard A-Level Mathematics. Students who do it often say it is their favourite subject but you do have to dedicate a lot of extra time to your studies.

Further Mathematics qualifications are highly regarded and are warmly welcomed by universities. Students who take Further Mathematics are really demonstrating a strong commitment to their studies, as well as learning mathematics that is very useful for any mathematically rich degree.

Some prestigious university courses require you to have a Further Mathematics qualification and others may adjust their grade requirements more favourably to students with Further Mathematics. If you are planning to take a degree such as Engineering, Sciences, Computing, Finance/Economics, etc., or perhaps Mathematics itself, you will benefit enormously from taking Further Mathematics, at least to AS-Level.

Further Mathematics introduces new topics such as matrices and complex numbers that are vital in many STEM degrees. Students who have studied Further Mathematics find the transition to STEM degrees much easier because many of the topics studied in the first year of university have already been covered. 

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Course Content and Methodology

Core Further Pure Mathematics 1 and 2

Proof; Complex numbers; Matrices; Further algebra and functions; Further calculus; Further vectors; Polar coordinates; Hyperbolic functions; Differential equations

Further Statistics 1 content

Discrete probability distributions; Poisson & binomial distributions; Geometric and negative binomial distributions; Hypothesis Testing and quality of tests; Central Limit Theorem; Chi Squared Tests; Probability generating functions

Further Pure Mathematics 3 content

Further Trigonometry; Further Calculus; Further differential equations; Coordinate systems; Further Vectors; Further numerical methods; Inequalities

A plethora of extra resources are available on all of the topics and tutorials are always available whenever they are required.

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Exam Board: EDEXCEL A-Level Further Mathematics 9FM0

4 written examinations of 1 hour 30 minutes on Further Core Pure Mathematics 1, 2 and 3 and Statistics 1

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Meet Our Alumni

Our students go on to many exciting destinations all over the world and work in a wide range of careers. Our alumni includes Netflix actors, olympians, racecar drivers, musicians, business leaders and much more. 

Course Requirements

All students find the step from GCSE or IGCSE to A-Level Further Mathematics difficult; the experience of most students is that the subject becomes harder but a lot more interesting and rewarding. Hence since, Further Mathematics in the Sixth Form is the most challenging subject the minimum requirement is a grade 8 or 9 (A*) in GCSE or IGCSE Mathematics.

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Aspire Programme

The Aspire Programme is dedicated to providing exciting and challenging academic opportunities for our students.
These opportunities will be focused on extending knowledge and understanding, providing stimulating and demanding academic challenges, and, ultimately, inspiring students to apply for the most competitive courses at the most prestigious institutions. 


Our Sixth Form students have access to their own Common Room, Resources Centre and Silent Study Suite, where they socialise and relax, find books or speak to our Careers team, and complete their studies in peace (respectively).

As part of their studies, students may also have access to the dedicated art, photography and graphic design studio, purpose-built Recital Hall for musical performances, fully-equipped drama studio as well as indoor and outdoor sporting facilities.