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A-Level Music

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In an increasingly competitive higher education market and workplace, universities and employers are not only looking for impressive grades, but also subjects which demonstrate a student's versatility and a greater breadth of skill and interest. As a very varied discipline, Music A-Level is therefore recognised both as a rigorous academic subject and as excellent preparation for many courses at Higher Education and highly regarded in Russell Group Universities. Music A-Level fits well with all other Arts and Science subjects and it teaches many transferable skills: confidence in performance and at interview, self discipline in individual practice, teamwork in ensemble-playing, music technology, essay writing, analysis and many more.

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Course Content and Methodology

The Edexcel course allows students to study Music as a practical, intellectual and creative subject, covering a wide range of styles of music, including classical, jazz and pop. The course encourages musicians from all backgrounds to develop as performers and composers. The course is split into three components; performing, composing and appraising.

Six areas of study:

  • Vocal Music
  • Instrumental Music
  • Music for Film
  • Popular Music and Jazz
  • Fusions
  • New Directions
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  • Performance, externally assessed 30% of the qualification
  • A public performance of one or more pieces, performed as a recital.
  • Performance can be playing or singing solo, in an ensemble, improvising, or realising music using music technology.
  • The total performance time across all pieces must be a minimum of 8 minutes, with a minimum of Grade 6 standard.
  • Performances are recorded in school, during a concert with friends and family.


Coursework; externally assessed, 30% of the qualification

Two pieces of coursework:

  • One composition, at least 4 minutes in duration. Completed in last year of study, genre of your own choice or to a brief.
  • One composition from a list of briefs assessing compositional technique, students choose an area of interest ranging from Bach harmony, dance remix and music arranging.


Written examination: 90 minutes 40% of the qualification.

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Meet Our Alumni

Our students go on to many exciting destinations all over the world and work in a wide range of careers. Our alumni includes Netflix actors, olympians, racecar drivers, musicians, business leaders and much more. 

Course Requirements

This two-year course is open to all students. The best foundation for success in A-Level Music is a good grade at GCSE but this is not crucial. The ability to play one or more instruments to at least grade 5 and an interest in performing, creating and understanding music are also important. In order to ensure a strong result at A-Level Music, students will benefit from membership of a range of school co-curricular music activities.

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Aspire Programme

The Aspire Programme is dedicated to providing exciting and challenging academic opportunities for our students.
These opportunities will be focused on extending knowledge and understanding, providing stimulating and demanding academic challenges, and, ultimately, inspiring students to apply for the most competitive courses at the most prestigious institutions. 


Our Sixth Form students have access to their own Common Room, Resources Centre and Silent Study Suite, where they socialise and relax, find books or speak to our Careers team, and complete their studies in peace (respectively).

As part of their studies, students may also have access to the dedicated art, photography and graphic design studio, purpose-built Recital Hall for musical performances, fully-equipped drama studio as well as indoor and outdoor sporting facilities.