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A-Level Psychology

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75% A* - C

Psychology is the scientific study of people, the mind and human behaviour. The mind is something intangible that exists within our brains – an unseen process of enzymes, chemicals and electric current moving within the structure of our neural networks that dictates why we feel, think and behave in the way we do. This is what psychologists strive to understand.

How does the memory work? Is eye-witness testimony reliable? How important are the first attachments a baby forms? What causes stress and how does it actually affect a person physiologically? Is it ‘evil’ people who carry out evil acts, or can there be something about a particular situation that could lead even ‘normal’ people to become perpetrators of evil? How can minority groups bring about change in society?

These are some of the questions posed during the A-Level course, but as a Science, Psychology is not particularly interested in the individual students’ personal opinions or anecdotal evidence. Students who take Psychology need a combination of curiosity and scepticism, and an interest in human nature.

Psychology students often combine this A-Level with a variety of other subjects including Biology, Maths, English and Business but any students, who are considering a career in any of the caring services, or in teaching, marketing or business, will find an understanding of Psychology useful.

In Psychology students will learn how to analyse arguments and evidence, test hypotheses and make informed judgements – all skills valued by Higher Education and employers.

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Course Content and Methodology

The course is split into three main areas

  • Introductory topics in Psychology– this includes topics on social influence, memory, and attachment and psychopathology.
  • Psychology in context– this includes topics on approaches in psychology, biopsychology and research methods such as scientific processes, data handling and analysis and data handling and analysis.
  • Issues and options in Psychology– this includes topics on gender, schizophrenia and forensic psychology.
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Exam Board: AQA Course code: 7182

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Meet Our Alumni

Our students go on to many exciting destinations all over the world and work in a wide range of careers. Our alumni includes Netflix actors, olympians, racecar drivers, musicians, business leaders and much more. 

Course Requirements

Psychology students need to have a good command of English and at least a Grade 4/5 in Maths at GCSE.

The subject has a significant amount of science in its content so a solid foundation in Biology in particular is also very useful.Prospective A-Level students are encouraged to have a browse of relevant academic journals online.

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Aspire Programme

The Aspire Programme is dedicated to providing exciting and challenging academic opportunities for our students.
These opportunities will be focused on extending knowledge and understanding, providing stimulating and demanding academic challenges, and, ultimately, inspiring students to apply for the most competitive courses at the most prestigious institutions. 


Our Sixth Form students have access to their own Common Room, Resources Centre and Silent Study Suite, where they socialise and relax, find books or speak to our Careers team, and complete their studies in peace (respectively).

As part of their studies, students may also have access to the dedicated art, photography and graphic design studio, purpose-built Recital Hall for musical performances, fully-equipped drama studio as well as indoor and outdoor sporting facilities.