Key Stage 3

Pupils study a wide range of exciting Textile techniques and methods in Years 7, 8 and 9.  Pupils work through a series of highly structured tasks that involve learning to use templates, paint, print-making, stencilling on fabric plus different hand and machine stitching techniques, as well as decoration and embellishment. Work is 2- and 3- dimensional. Each project is differentiated to the ability level of all pupils and students are encouraged to attend after school clubs and the enrichment club to further their development and ideas.

Key Stage 4

Pupils work towards three coursework projects and a final exam. The first project in Year 10 focuses on more advanced hand and machine stitching skills and tests pupils’ abilities to respond to different Textile artists who use the portrait as a theme. Pupils are encouraged to work in sketchbooks and on a larger scale than in Year 9. The second project looks at Punk fashion and pupils respond with a 3-dimensional garment. In Year 11 pupils are encouraged to attend Life Drawing and work towards their mock and final exam. Pupils are constantly supported all the way through their GCSE to work to their strengths.


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Dec 2016

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