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Stepping into the world of work: Work Experience at LMS

At Lincoln Minster School we seek to ensure that every student, whatever their background or ability, undergoes a minimum of one work experience placement during Year 10. The fundamental aims of work experience are to empower students to make a positive contribution to society, experience first-hand the world of work and develop existing economic and industrial understanding. To achieve this we encourage students to find their own placement, by choosing an area that they are genuinely interested in finding more about.

Work experience takes place during the Lent term of Year 10, when students, not under the direct supervision of a teacher, spend time at a place of work away from school.  They are encouraged to experience careers that they may be interested in pursuing and observe employees going about their normal tasks.

To guide students through the process, a dedicated work experience programme is delivered by the Head of Careers.  The programme includes internal briefs about finding a placement, writing letters, making contact with employers and it also includes talks from past students who offer advice about how to get the most out of the placement and how it helps in later years.  Students also receive briefs from employers about the value of work experience and how to make the most of their opportunity.  Each student and their parents are given a support guide which will help them through their work experience journey.

Prior to any placement being agreed, the school is bound by strict Health and Safety procedures and therefore EBP are contracted to conduct risk assessment and necessary checks of all employers to ensure placements are suitable for our students to attend.

Whilst on placement, students complete their work experience booklets which encourage them to research the organisation and identify what skills they need to develop and what they have learnt. Students are asked to complete a report about their placement and on successful completion they receive a work experience certificate and employers reference to record their achievements.

At Lincoln Minster School we really value work experience as we recognise that the skills students develop in finding their placement, the confidence they gain during their placement and the experiences they achieve will help them apply for future employment, university or apprenticeships.

Mrs Annabel Thompson, Head of Careers

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